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Tailin’ toads new sun protection sockz

Tailin' Toads Sockz!
Tailin' Toads Sockz!
Robert J Wiebel

Melbourne, FL – August 9, 2014 – If you read my articles you know how I feel about protecting one’s self when out if the harsh sunshine enjoying the great outdoors. Manny Altman is the creative owner of Tailin’ Toads. Manny is an outdoor enthusiast for outdoor enthusiasts. She is famous for her bright colored fishing gloves and has come up with a new sun protection product, SOCKZ. Taking the great glove fabrics, she has fashioned a pair of socks that you can wear when wearing your flop flops. The Sockz is open on both ends allowing your toes to extend out to fit into the flip flop.

Along with the Tailin’ Toads Sockz, you can find the entire line up of sun protection gear on the Tailin’ Toad web site. Manny has come up with a product line of fun fishing apparel and hats. Here is a list of what Tailin’ Toads has to offer - fingerless gloves ,face shieldz, rod/reel covers, paddle covers, microfiber hats and performance shirts for anyone from competitive anglers. Each of these products are perfectively suited for kayak lovers and sup anglers to the weekend angler who loves being on the water. The cool fingerless gloves, shieldz and performance shirts protect your skin from harmful UV rays by proving SPF 50+ UV protection which helps eliminate your risk of skin cancer and sun spots.

As Manny likes to say, “Remember....whether fishing or playing....keep it reel with Tailin' toads.” All the Tailin’ Toad products are proudly made in the USA.

One last item, Manny and Tailin’ Toads is a sponsor of the 3rd Annual Anglers of Conservation Surf Fishing Tournament being held from October 10th to October 19th along the Space Coast. The kick-off meeting will be held at Strike Zone in Melbourne on October 10th at 6:00 P.M. with fishing starts at dawn on October 11th. Fishing ends at midnight on October 18th and the Award ceremony will be held on October 19 at Grills Melbourne Riverside. I hope to see all of you there. This is going to be a great tournament.

Until next time, be safe in the sun and have a great day in the great outdoors.