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Tailgating can be healthy


Go Buckeyes!

With the big OSU vs. USC game coming up with this weekend, tailgate parties will be in full swing.  Here are a few tips for having a good time while maintaining your healthy habits!

Load up on the veggies:  Fill your first plate of the day with fresh veggies.  This will fill you up with fiber and nutrients so you will be less likely to fill up on empty calories.

Sip water between cocktails:  Tailgate parties usually last a long time.  To keep from getting dehydrated or drinking to much alcohol, alternate water between drinks.  This will help you last longer and feel better throughout the event!

Skip creamy dips and stick to salsa: Creamy dips are usually made with sour cream, mayonnaise or cream cheese which can all be full of fat and calories.  Try dipping your chip or carrot stick in salsa whenever possible for a flavorful, fat free kick!

Don't go hungry to the party: Have a small snack before going to the party to take the edge off your hunger.  This will help you refrain from grabbing the first thing you see without thinking.

Split portions with a friend:If you are really in the mood for a greasy burger or a plate of nachos, have one and share with a friend.  You will still get your fix and you will save yourself from over indulging! 

Bring a healthy dish to share: When bringing a dish to the tailgate, think about bringing a healthy option to share.  You know there will be lots of not-so-healthy treats so make sure there is something there that is a better option.  Some great healthy tailgate foods include: veggies and hummus, soft pretzels and mustard or fruit kabobs!


  • Ben Yoder Columbus Photog Examiner 5 years ago

    But ... but ... but all the unhealthy stuff is soo good! :)

    Seriously, though, good advice. Tailgating is almost like being on a cruise - lots of free food, and no one thinks about being healthy about it; there are a lot of calories in all those beers and cocktails!
    You could also stick to lean hamburger, and low fat hotdogs and buns.