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Tai Chi: Develop Health and Longevity

Longevity has long been the prize of the chinese society. Even to this day a long life expectancy is common amongst the people. So what is the secret? According to the masters, of both today and yesterday, the secret to obtaining good health and a long life is through the disciplined art of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is both simple and complex, able to practiced by people of all ages and physical stature. Each movement, although performed slowly, is specifically designed to work complimentary muscle groups together in their full extension and retraction. Differing from standard weight lifting, which isolates a specific muscle to tone and enlarge it, Tai Chi develops your muscles, tendons, and bones to work in sync providing great strength and endurance to its practitioners.

To perform a basic Tai Chi exercise everyday will usually take no more than one half hour and will provide you with many benefits. Many of these exercises have been known for their ability to strengthen muscles, promote a healthy internal physiology, aid in the bettering of arthritis, and even to develop better focus skills throughout the day.

If you are interested in learning this art, here are a few links to schools of Tai Chi located in Detroit and its surrounding area:

Or visit the Michigan Tai Chi Association website.