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Tai Chi aging: Chinese martial art slows aging? Study finds new health benefits

Tai Chi and aging may have a greater connection than once thought, thanks to a breakthrough study conducted by health experts and recently published in a scientific magazine, Cell Transplantation. The new study has revealed this week that the traditional Chinese martial art my very well slow the aging process, in addition to providing a bevy of health benefits. The Huffington Post provides an inside look into the possible life-enhancing abilities that Tai Chi can offer its frequent practitioners this Thursday, May 29, 2014.

Tai Chi may slow aging in many adults, better life quality
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

If you are one of the many people hoping to look and feel younger, then this Tai Chi aging discovery may be just for you. The ancient martial art that originates from China, both a meditative and fighting skill, has in fact been linked to an increase in the overall numbers of human stem cells in the body — specifically CD34 cells — that play a variety of essential roles in the function and formation of the physical self.

In addition to several already proven health benefits, the interesting article in Cell Transplantation also argues that Tai Chi may now have the gift to even diminish the effects of aging. In order to test for this incredible possibility, experienced researchers spent a year in an in-depth study that reviewed the revitalizing and invigorating effects of individuals (all aged under 25) in three separate groups: those who did not exercise often, those who walked briskly frequently, and finally those who practiced Tai Chi regularly.

"We used young volunteers because they have better cell-renewing abilities than the old population and we also wanted to avoid having chronic diseases and medications as interfering factors," noted study author Dr. Shinn-Zong Lin of the China Medical University Hospital, Taiwan, in a recent press release on the matter.

Psych Central News adds tonight that the results are nothing less than astounding in this momentous Tai Chi aging find. It seems that the study’s results yielded information confirming that among previous health benefits, Tai Chi would provide definite aid to individuals who suffered from several long-term diseases, including fibromyalgia and Parkinson’s disease. Furthermore, it looks like this historic Chinese martial art also has the innate ability to give its users greater stress reduction levels, blood pressure stability, and overall balance.

Finally, the newly published study also noted that people who engaged in Tai Chi on regular intervals not only looked and felt better (again speaking to its anti-aging properties), but also had noticeably greater numbers of CD34 cells than levels found in the other two groups. Talk about important health benefits!

"This study provides the first step into providing scientific evidence for the possible health benefits of Tai Chi." said Dr. Paul R. Sanberg of the University of South Florida, Tampa, in a release. "Further study of how Tai Chi can elicit benefit in different populations and on different parameters of aging are necessary to determine its full impact."

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