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Tag Team III results: Cops vs. Cons, Tank Mode 3-0, MiKinzie "La Frenzy", Pucak wins again

Tag Team MMA III poster.
Tag Team MMA III poster.
Tag Team MMA

From the moment Officer X entered the building until the moment he left he stayed in costume keeping his true identity a secret. Once the fight began he displayed adept wrestling skills by driving low for takedowns and controlling the fight every time he took it there.

After a close RNC attempt to end the 1st, X again assumed control by swinging hard soccer kicks to Lamar’s ribs. After further ground and pound and another loud soccer kick, the ref called the match at 2:22 into the 2nd round.

With Lamar laying on his back recovering, X put the finishing touches to his masterpiece by standing over his opponent’s stomach executing the Captain Morgan pose. Lamar pushed him off but the showman went to the opposite corner, stood on the ropes and garnered even more affection from the crowd.

The secondary Cops vs. Cons match went the distance as Agent 907 enforced his will on his opponent, Convict No. 135694, taking the match by the slimmest of margins.

Agent 907 showed an active stand-up with leg kicks and strikes but had the unfortunate habit of leaving his left side open every time he stepped right. In the end it didn’t matter as 907 had a chin of steel and Convict No. 135694 failed to muster up enough energy in the 3rd to sway the judges, 29-28 Cop, 29-28 Con, 29-28 in favor of the Cop by split decision.

Andy Enz dusted off his ring rust against Chase Jenson completing his task of 3-0 while putting everyone on notice in the light-heavyweight division. Once Andy was able to warm up and find his distance, he bombarded Jenson with punches showing excellent dirty boxing at times with a steady dose of knees.

He landed a big right hand midway through the 1st causing Jensen’s mouthpiece to soar through the ropes. It took him 1:10 into the 2nd round to induce a tap from Jenson via strikes and a broken hand.

MiKinizie “La Frenzy” Burton spoke about her match prior to her fight with Karissa Heskett by saying, “I’m actually pretty excited about this fight because she seems like she would actually put up a fight.” She did.

Karissa showed heart by not quitting earlier than she could have as she sustained a massive amount of damage during the bout. As the fight progressed to the 3rd, MiKinzie turned up her game and went after the finish, getting it by strikes at 44 seconds in the 3rd round.

Earlier in the night, Justin Trenton faced the most active fighter in local MMA, Rod “Short Notice” Pucak who was cornered by Kevin Barber, an important addition as the bout went to the 3rd round for the first time in Rod’s career.

Fighters clinched right away with Justin throwing punches and Rod trading knees. Pucak earned the early takedown dropping hard hammerfists and short punches from the top. He almost did enough to have the fight stopped, however referee Josh Henry showed good restraint and kept the fight going.

As the 2nd round began, Rod got another strong takedown but fighters were brought to their feet after a stale period in guard. The separation allowed Rod to land a hard right hand and in Justin’s desperation, he shot, got the takedown and quickly moved to mount. Rod then brought out his bag of jiu-jitsu by nailing a picture-perfect reverse to take top followed by hammerfists to end out the round.

The 3rd began ominously for Justin who was bending over in between rounds with his hands on his knees the entire rest period, breathing hard. On the other side of the ropes Rod calmly listened to his corner looking energetic. He came out with an intent to end the fight and did, launching uppercuts and short hooks from both hands. He landed power shots to Justin’s face before referee Josh Henry called it quits 19 seconds in.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    congrats ...Enz....speed is the name of the game.....excellent story .....chick fighting..:)...sun is shining...Aloha!!

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