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Tactical Angler TV extreme striped bass fishing

A new fishing show is coming to television; “Crazy Alberto” has a quest, to catch trophy sportfish the striped bass. The trophy fish hunter is going to take us with him where you will get to see the intensity and dedication to the sport of fishing. Crazy Alberto has a well-earned reputation for tracking down striped bass and puts in more time than most anglers will put in during their own lifetime.

The sizzle begins

The Tactical Angler is a new breed of fishing television. The excitement is building get ready to catch more fish. The television show debuted was July 8. McCabe Productions have been bringing rod-bendin’ drag screaming footage to you via Addictive Fishing chronicles the tournament angler and professional fishing tour guide Morgan Man Captain Blair Wiggins. They know their fishing leaving anglers on the edge of their seats.

It’s that time of year no matter where you are

It’s great for the fishing economy. The right show. Alberto is a great spokesman for the sport of fishing and he really does care. It’s a conservation ethic. He’s perfect for a new fishing show to protect the striped bass. The new generations can see hot to properly catch and release a fish and how to keep our fisheries and beaches in great conservation shape.

So many anglers just gear for specifically striped bass

Extreme fishing. It’s one of the greatest game fish in the world. Everyone can afford to fish for striped bass, America’s fish, not everyone can afford to go out and fish marlin. The stripers are known for their blitz on Montauk in New York. The summer is based on family fishing in the fall it’s total anglers paradise.

Crazy Alberto striped bass on Montauk

There’s a line of people right next to each other and the boats are on top of each other. It’s considered one of the most dangerous areas to fish because the surf can take you out at any time on the slippery rocks. Footwear with metal studs to grip the rocks and dressing for combat is what it takes. Fall is off season for Montauk.

Crazy Alberto is known for his fishing intensity in the striped bass fishing communities

Alberto Knie is a IGFA world record holder for striped bass. He has designed a line for extreme fishing surf rods for Lamiglas. Alberto lives in Florida but makes the season pilgrimage to Montauk. It’s some dangerous fishing from the “Surfcasting Capital of the World,” from Hollywood royalty to self-professed masters drive the Lamborghinis and the Bentleys in the summer. In the fall custom four wheel drives, high clearance trucks and SUV’s line the beaches. The spots for angling are getting busier and some striped bass anglers are taking to wearing wetsuits and swim out to the offshore rocks.

The deranged fringe of striped bass Montauk fishing society

It’s pure adrenaline for all of the rush junkies, whether you go there once or make it a habit. Some anglers go “skishing” or swimming while you also fish. While you swim in the ocean the point is to catch a fatty trophy fish. The next point skishers do is to let the big fish pull you through the water.

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