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Tacoma teen fired for wearing Denver Broncos jersey to work

Nathaniel Wentz can rally behing fans such as these when the Super Bowl kicks off.
Nathaniel Wentz can rally behing fans such as these when the Super Bowl kicks off.
Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

There seems to be a growing trend of classless Seattle Seahawks fans. First, they pelted injured 49er Navorro Bowman with food as he was carted off the field with a knee injury, a move which even outspoken Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman called “beyond terrible.” That was Sunday; today there is a business in Tacoma that fires anyone that shows support for any other team besides the Seahawks.

17-year-old Nathaniel Wentz was fired from his job at Odyssey 1, a family entertainment center similar to a Chuck-E-Cheese, for wearing a Denver Broncos jersey to work. Wentz says he was sent home on Sunday to change into the standard uniform, though a Seahawks jersey would have been acceptable. Odyssey 1 allows their employees to wear Seahawks gear on game days, to wear another team’s uniform is not allowed by the company in order to “prevent any possible conflicts.”

"It was all about ‘you can't. You can't represent your team.’ There's something wrong with that," said Wentz.

Tacoma, Wash. is approximately 30 miles south of Seattle.

Wentz’s father, Randall, said that he called Odyssey 1 to speak to the owner on his son’s behalf, but his call was never returned. Nathaniel said he was informed the following day that he had been fired.

Odyssey 1 took to their Facebook page to contradict what Wentz claimed to the media. Odyssey 1 claims to have received a phone call stating that Wentz would not return to work that day, they did not state who made that phone call.

Due to “at-will employment” laws in Washington, an employer can fire an employee for any reason, even if said employee doesn’t support the home team.

Nathaniel may have lost his job, but said that he’s excited to not have to work on Super Bowl Sunday where he can cheer for his beloved Denver Broncos.

I’m Kyle Bisio, you stay classy, Seattle Seahawks fans.

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