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Taco Bell wants to make fast food even faster

Taco Bell wants to bring mobile ordering to its customers
Taco Bell wants to bring mobile ordering to its customers
Flickr Creative Commons, mikebaird

How do you make fast food more convenient? Make an app. According to the LA Times on Feb 11., Taco Bell is doing just that.

After two years of developing it, the company is now beta testing a mobile ordering app at five Orange County locations. Should everything go well—and how could it not?—the program will expand later this year.

The app allows you to place an order and pay, either with a gift card or credit card, all from a smartphone. You can even customize an order with add-ins, something not easily done in a drive-thru before. But mobile lead for Taco Bell Jeff Jenkins says the will cut back on ‘menu board anxiety’ that some people can experience when ordering from a drive-thru.

The app even takes into consideration how close you are to your desired pick-up location and will tell the cooks when to fire up your order.

Taco Bell seems to know their audience and know it well. Jenkins said, “With the popularity of millennials and smart phones, we saw this [mobile ordering] coming, and decided to build the ground work a couple of years ago for mobile.Mobile is going to be the biggest sort of innovator, shake-up in the quick service industry since the drive-thru." [sic]

Did you ever imagine fast food would take it this far? Adding convenience into the mix is never a bad idea but what repercussions could there be to so easily be fast food? Do you think delivery is on the way too?

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