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Taco Bell uses McDonald’s clown’s name to promote their breakfast menu

Taco Bell uses McDonald’s clown’s name to promote their breakfast menu
Taco Bell uses McDonald’s clown’s name to promote their breakfast menu
Taco Bell

The Associated Press reported on March 27, 2014 that Taco Bell is out to get customers attention with their strategy of promoting their new breakfast menu which started today.

Taco Bell is part of YUM Brand Inc. which is based out of Louisville, Ky. YUM Brand Inc. also owns KFC and Pizza Hut brands.

Taco Bell started airing their ads on Thursday to promote their breakfast menu.

In the ads, Taco Bell uses real men who are not professional actors with the name Ronald McDonald and Ronnie McDonalds, which happens to be the McDonald’s famous clown name.

Ronald McDonald is the clown who is well known to children who love the fast food chain McDonalds with for his bright red hair and yellow jumpsuit.

The ad shows men name Ronald McDonald along with varies adaptation to the name Ronald from different market eating these breakfast menu items.

However, women with the adaptation of the name Ronald McDonald also auditioned for the ad, but only men were selected.

Taco Bell breakfast menu is a waffle taco, steak and egg burritos, cinnabon delights, sausage crunch wrap and sausage flatbread melt.

The waffle taco consists of a waffle, scrambled eggs, sausage or bacon served with a side of syrup.
The steak egg burritos it is just how it sounds with a little cheddar cheese added to the burritos.

The cinnabon delights are from Cinnabon the famous sweet bun treat; these little bites have icing hidden inside of them and you get the sweet icing with each bite.

The sausage crunch wrap is loaded with a breakfast lover’s dream of sausage, scrambled eggs, hash brown and cheddar cheese wrapped in a tortilla and grilled for the crunch.

The sausage flatbread melt is a warm flatbread with cheddar cheese and sausage patty grilled.

Yum Brands Inc. decided to give the fast food competitors some breakfast competition by entering into the breakfast arena where McDonald’s have dominated this arena for years.

McDonald’s breakfast menu accounts for 20 percent of the company’s growing sales in the U.S.

Yum Brands Inc. is trying to boost their sales, so close to 6,000 stores began opening at 7 a.m. for the breakfast rush which is one hour behind most of their competitors.

In August 2013, Taco Bell had a test run in select markets of their Waffle Taco, and it did well, so Taco Bell President Brian Niccol said, “the goal was to get the figure to a level much greater than that”.

Niccol referred to the four percent increase in sales from their breakfast menu in certain markets in 2013.

Niccol wanted customers to know the enthusiasm projected by the real Ronald McDonalds from eating their product it’s because they thoroughly enjoyed every bit.

Niccol said they were paid for their appearances, in the campaign; however, their genuine reaction was because “all of them resoundingly loved the food.”

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