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Taco Bell on hiatus for tacos paired with beer milkshakes

Taco Bell creates new taco beer pairings
Taco Bell creates new taco beer pairings

Yes, the headline is correct, apparently Taco Bell has been working on serving beer but in a new spin-off company under U.S. Taco Co. & Urban Taproom. Unfortunately, plans to have a taproom came to a standstill leaving this new adventure with just serving soda-pop for now. But the company still intends to premiere beer milkshakes paired with tacos. (Thank god!)

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the first location chosen is in Huntington Beach, Calif., but they couldn’t secure a liquor license due to the city’s newer, more rigorous liquor laws they are in the middle of adopting. Patrons will now have to wait to enjoy those blended drinks of Guinness milkshakes paired with the perfect taco. The taproom had plans to open with taco beer pairings like a blueberry beer from Maine paired with a lobster taco, according to Venessa Wong, a food and drink contributor. She was also able to sample a “milkshake with Cinnamon Toast Crunch with tequila caramel sauce.” Holy milkshake booze-A-rama!

It’s not the first fast food chain to offer alcoholic beverages, but it is the first of fast food chains to consider a beer taproom, and the name “Urban Taproom” is fitting. Until the liquor license is obtained taco and beer-lovers will have to patiently wait and pair their favorite tacos with soda.

The Business Insider published a design concept photo which depicts an Urban loft-like restaurant. With yellow, turquoise, and some mint green floors; the color scheme will encite the senses to eat, drink and enjoy. Perhaps having a cool retro lightbulb sign hanging on a focal wall that reads, “EAT TACOS,” helps to send some type of subliminal message to the mind, after a few beer milkshakes, to eat more tacos.

So far the “Urban Taproom” team said they went through more than 100 sodas in a week in search of the perfect ones for the restaurant. The main goal is to “serve 50 beers, and four to six will be on tap,” and the team is out scouting other locations in Southern California, according to Businessweek.