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Taco Bell Millionaire Mother’s Death Hidden for 23 years – Pockets 200K Benefits

Taco tycoon -  Raymond O'Dell stole $200,000  in social security benefits from dead mom
Taco tycoon - Raymond O'Dell stole $200,000 in social security benefits from dead mom
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When it comes to money and family some multi-millionaires will lock away secrets to score just a little more green-backs. Well, Raymond O’Dell is a millionaire who kept his mother death 23 years ago a secret from his family and the federal government so he could rip off $200,000 in benefits, according to the Daily Mail.

Becoming rich through his ownership of several fast food restaurants did not seem to satisfy O’Dell’s appetite for money. So when his mother passed away 23 years earlier he went mum and decided to not notify authorities of her death and continued to cash in her social security checks.

The Seattle area man who owns several Taco Bells and Burger King franchises was not content to make a living from his $4 million in ownership of the restaurants. In fact, according to prosecutors it is reported that the death report defying swindler had a need to even dip into other theft schemes as well. It seems that he even plead guilty to ripping off the hard earned money of Ohio Public employees when he absconded with $100,000 from their retirement System, according to court documents reported the Daily Mail.

His attorney claims that the 70-year-old convicted crook is a good man at heart and just was caught between a rock and a hard place. Well if his age is supposed to ease the heart of a judge, it may have worked because he was only sentenced to six months in prison, plus six months of house arrest.

If there is a moral to the story it might be that it pays to be rich, because the Taco Tycoon seems to have skated nearly free with a minor slap on the hand despite the ripping off of Ohio worker retirement funds and a dead mom.

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