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Taco Bell launches new breakfast menu with 'Ronald McDonald' commercial

Taco Bell has finally done something we never thought they would do. On March 27, the Los Angeles Times reported that Taco Bell has begun serving breakfast.

To commemorate this event, Taco Bell rounded up several men named Ronald McDonald for the commercial. In the commercial, men named Ronald McDonald tried the new Taco Bell breakfast and commented a variation of "My name is Ronald McDonald and I love Taco Bell's new breakfast." They even boast the tag line "Delicious new breakfast everyone can love, even Ronald McDonald."

Of course these men named Ronald McDonald are not affiliated with McDonald's and the commercials make sure to disclose as much. As the commercial airs, check the bottom of the screen for this small print, “These Ronald McDonalds are not affiliated with McDonald’s Corporation and were individually selected as paid endorsers of Taco Bell Breakfast, but man they sure did love it.”

The ad campaign for the Taco Bell breakfast menu is witty and memorable. The menu itself also contains a few items worth trying. The most talked about breakfast item is probably the waffle taco. It is literally a waffle folded into a taco with eggs and either sausage or bacon inside.

The Taco Bell breakfast menu also has the A.M. Crunch Wrap. Much like the original Crunch Wrap, this one is filled with breakfast items like eggs, hash browns and either sausage or bacon. They offer grilled breakfast tacos and breakfast burritos too.

If you have a sweet tooth, don't worry. The menu also has Cinnabon Delights. These little bites of goodness are made by Cinnabon and are similar to their signature cinnamon rolls except with the frosting on the inside. Of course the breakfast staples of coffee and orange juice are also available.

Breakfast at Taco Bell may sound weird but many consumers this is exciting news. The new menu was tested in a few different markets and did well so now it is available nationally.

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