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Taco Bell introduces new salsa flavors

Fire-Roasted and Verde salsas
Fire-Roasted and Verde salsas
Michael Clark

This month, Taco Bell rolled out two new sauces, in color-matching packets, marking the first such introduction in years. The announcement was made back in July, but now Fire-Roasted Salsa, and Salsa Verde have made their way into all of the Grand Prairie locations: #1. 381 W Highway 303; #2. 3890 S Great Southwest Pkwy; and #3. 2815 NE Green Oaks Blvd.

Tasting like their counterparts at casual dining establishments, the Fire-Roasted and Verde salsas do add a depth to the flavor chart. Neither one of these new options is spicier than the Mild sauce. Fire-Roasted gives a chargrilled affect that is seemingly well-suited to chicken items. Verde salsa has a fresh aroma but with a flat texture, like the other sauces. You won't see PBS's Rick Bayless using these condiments, but you may have a more authentic Mexican food experience... if you close your eyes real tight and use your imagination.

In a article, Taco Bell Corp. spokesman Rob Poetsch is quoted as saying, "Essentially, we've created a 'salsa bar on-the-go'." He elaborated, "The five flavor options give our customers more options to add the flavors they love to their favorite Taco Bell menu items."

Salsa Verde was reportedly test marketed as "Green Sauce", in many cities, over the past decade. There are even online petitions asking that Taco Bell bring it back. Green sauce has been semi-secretly available at many locations (all outside the DFW area per best info available), but not in packet form until now.

Another new creation at Taco Bell is the XXL Chalupa. It has some nifty packaging. A box is used to contain this ginormous concoction, and also to contain the mess you will no doubt create while consuming it. The XXL is available with ground beef, chicken or steak. One rhetorically wonders, whether this item was introduced at this time of year, to motivate baseball fans into a Taco Bell drive-thru. There is nothing special about the taste of it. If you have ever eaten two chalupas in one sitting, then you know what the XXL is like. At $2.79 (for ground beef), it is not a great deal, but slightly better than buying two chalupas.

We will see whether these additions to the menu prove to be more popular than the Pacific Shrimp Taco.

XXL Chalupa with beef, Calories: 650 - Fat: 39 grams - Saturated Fat: 9 grams - Cholesterol: 55 millgrams - Sodium: 1300 milligrams - Carbs: 53 grams Sugars: 6 grams - Dietary Fiber: 7 grams - Protein: 23 grams.

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  • Jill C. 4 years ago

    That's a lot of calories and fat. Won't be having one of those anytime soon!

  • Profile picture of Rene Girard
    Rene Girard 4 years ago

    I did not know this! sounds delicious :-)

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