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Taco Bell Hot Sauce now available on grocery store shelves

Taco Bell sauces now in grocery stores.
Taco Bell sauces now in grocery stores.

You can now get more Taco Bell products without having to go to the drive-through window. In late February, Taco Bell launched its line of bottled sauces which are now available in grocery stores and Wal-Mart. Each 7.5 bottle is equivalent to 35 packets of sauce. As Taco Bell says, "No more packet hoarding!"

Four flavors are available:

Mild Sauce (It only gets hotter from here)

Hot Sauce (You have chosen wisely)

Verde Salsa (Let's paint the town green)

Fire Sauce (I'm up for it if you are)

Price per bottle is $2.19. Critics state that the bottled sauce doesn't have enough heat and they have a sweeter taste than the packets in the restaurant. Critics also state there is no reason to buy the bottled sauce because Taco Bell hands out so many sauce packets each time patrons visit. Find the new sauces on the shelf next to the Taco Bell kits on the ethnic food aisle.

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