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Taco Bell employee shoots customer with BB gun

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Working late nights at a fast food restaurant can be tough these days. A Massachusetts Taco Bell employee has been charged with using a BB gun to shoot a belligerent customer. The customer was upset because of poor service before being shot, says an ABC News report on Wednesday. The report reveals that Steven Noska has pleaded not guilty to charges that include assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He has been released on $250 bail and is facing an August court date.

Springfield, Massachusetts police assert that the 26-year-old employee of Taco Bell used a BB gun that he took out of his car at the restaurant. He used the BB gun to shoot the customer who was apparently enraged when no one came to the drive-thru window to wait on him. The incident happened at 4 a.m. on Sunday. The enraged customer allegedly pounded on the locked front door of the Taco Bell restaurant during the incident.

Mary-Elizabeth Bewsee, Noska’s mother, claims that the irate customer got inside the restaurant and was knocking things off the counter, including a donation box. Then, according to Noska’s mother, the person started attacking her son on the outside of the restaurant. That is when her son defended himself with the BB gun, she claims. His mom also says that her son is a good man, a hard worker, and now has to worry about keeping his job at the Liberty Street Taco Bell. The charges against Noska, according to the Boston Herald, are two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery.

The customer’s version of the story is that he had been waiting for his taco order in the drive-thru for a very long time. When he wanted to make a complaint about service, no one would help him. After Noska and the customer argued in the restaurant sometime later, Noska allegedly shoved the customer out of the eatery which prompted fisticuffs. That’s when Noska got his BB gun out of his car. The customer says he was shot several times and hit with the butt of the weapon. Police were finally called when Noska went back into the restaurant.

Others claim that the man was on foot in the drive thru and demanded service when he was told the restaurant was closed. When he wouldn’t get service, it is said, he smashed the drive thru window. After he ended up inside the restaurant, the unfortunate incidents with Noska erupted. Noska was told by the company to not discuss the incident, and there was every effort to keep his name out of the media. Obviously, that didn't happen.