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Taco Bell breakfast: Would free Doritos end Taco Bell, McDonald’s breakfast war?

The Taco Bell breakfast war with McDonald’s has McDonald’s still in the lead. So would free Doritos, as suggested in the above video, put Taco Bell in the lead and put an end to the breakfast war? “If you throw Doritos in, they will come,” proposes Buzz 60. According to an April 14 Business Insider report, a recent Citi Research survey showed that consumers’ favorite Taco Bell items included "the Breakfast Burrito, followed by the Waffle Taco, and then the A.M. Crunchwrap."

Taco Bell breakfast war with McDonald’s: Would free Doritos decide the race?
Photo by Jeff Gross

Taco Bell’s website states that the company has nearly 6,000 restaurants across the United States and “proudly” serves more than 36 million customers every week. According to the Citi Research survey, 61 percent of consumers said that they were planning on visiting Taco Bell at least once a week for breakfast, and 17 percent said that they would go at least twice a week. But even though the survey showed that more people preferred Taco Bell’s breakfast over the McDonald’s breakfast, the latter still has the largest share of the breakfast market.

“McDonald's average per-store sales are $1 million+ higher than the average Taco Bell's,” reports the Huffington Post. Following the free coffee campaign, which ended on April 13, McDonald’s is now pushing its McGriddle sandwiches, the company’s unique pancake/muffin hybrid. “If menu innovation is going to be key to the competition, McDonald's gladly will put McGriddles up against Taco Bell's Waffle Taco.”

Taco Bell’s breakfast campaign launched on March 27, and according to a company spokesperson, the Waffle Taco, along with the A.M. Crunch Wrap (an all-in-one breakfast sandwich) and the Cinnabon Delights, is among the three top sellers. Whether or not the company's new breakfast will bring in the desired customers and sales figures --and put the company ahead in the breakfast war with McDonald’s -- still needs to be seen.

“The company’s first order of business was grabbing consumers’ attention to wake up the breakfast category, a hot space that’s long been dominated by McDonald’s. But dethroning the breakfast king isn’t likely to be easy,” writes The Wall Street Journal. In its new ad campaign, Taco Bell pokes at its rival with real-life Ronald McDonald people proclaiming their love of Taco Bell. In another ad, as seen in the above video, a customer ditches his egg McMuffin for a Waffle Taco.

Networked Insights, a social media analytics firm, announced that after Taco Bell’s launch of its new breakfast menu, online conversations about the company “led to a five-fold increase.” The McDonald’s rival says that its ad campaign has already received more than one billion impressions on social media sites and more ads are to come in the following weeks. Taco Bell’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Brandt commented that “the company wanted its ads to be clever and humorous.” So instead of free coffee, why not try some free Doritos. As Buzz 60 suggests at the end of the above video -- “all right Taco Bell, you and I both know what you need to do to become number one. 'If you throw Doritos in, they will come'.”

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