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Taco Bell breakfast: Taco Bell trots out a waffle and egg 'taco' breakfast fare

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Taco Bell for breakfast? Sure.

Taco Bell is jumping into the fast food breakfast foray with their own, taco-like breakfast sandwich creations. According to CBS News on Monday, Taco Bell is readying a breakfast menu launch on March 27, with items such as the “Waffle Taco” – a sausage patty or bacon, scrambled eggs and cheese, all wrapped into a waffle and served with a side of syrup.

Taco Bell President Brian Niccol said the company is targeting the big boy when it comes to breakfast – McDonald’s.

“We can turn the breakfast conversation into a two-horse race,” Niccol said. “We intend to be a strong No. 2” after McDonald's.

McDonald’s however is not buying into the hype. Kevin Newell, U.S. brand and strategy officer for McDonald's, said after the initial hoopla dies down, Taco Bell will fall in line with all the other fast food chains that have made attempts at serving breakfast fare – far behind McD’s.

“I think they're going to find that going into the breakfast business is not like what they're accustomed to, in terms of marketing,” Newell said.

One thing that Taco Bell is banking on is their breakfast hours. Breakfast items will stay available on the menu at least a half hour later than most other chains, such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Starbucks.

Other menu items include the following:

  • “A.M. Crunchwrap” – scrambled eggs, hash browns, cheese and a meat, all bacon, sausage or steak in a flour tortilla.
  • “Bacon and Egg Burrito” – Bacon, scrambled eggs and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla.
  • “Sausage Flatbread Melt” – A sausage patty with cheese wrapped in a flatbread and grilled.


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