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Taco Bell $5 Box

The Box
The Box

You've heard tales of it, maybe even caught glimpses of it, and some may even be 5 box veterans. The secret of Taco Bell has always laid in its value. While other companies are luring customers with promises of pleasant atmosphere, exquisite tastes, and upscale variety, the Bell brings it home by shoveling as much food as they can into one box and selling it for less than a Libyan passport.

I've felt somewhat guilty that I had never tested the golden sample box of Taco Bell, so I remedied that while, as I've said before is the best occasion for fast food dining, on a long drive. Sometimes the box comes with options as to what specifics you wish to make yourself sick on, but here no such choices were offered. Cinnamon twists are standard, then the rest of my package came equipped with beefy burrito, and both soft shell and hard shell taco.

I should warn my reader that though traveling affords the best occasion for fast food dining, the $5 box does not lend itself to the drive & eat. You're dealing with loose ingredients, substantial crumb fallout, and if you like to use sauces, the ordeal makes you prioritize between crashing your car and decorating polo and upholstery in hot sauce. Which, on an unrelated note, is why I always recommend loose, comfortable, cheap clothing for long drives. Overall, the box delivers the Taco Bell guarantee: bloated fullness at tantalizing low prices.

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