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Taco Bell - 3855 Dodge Street - Omaha, Nebraska

It was recently brought to my attention that a remodeling of Taco Bell's 3855 Dodge Street location has taken place. I am always excited to hear news that an Omaha restaurant is taking some of the profit provided by our local economy and putting it back in to the environment that it's customers continually deplete. Being the curious sort that I am, I decided to make a visit to this "renewed" restaurant.

Sadly, what I found was, like so many other recent Omaha restaurant "renovations": someone with a tremendous budget at their disposal decided to, as my people would say, "put lipstick on a pig". Many of the same dining room and restroom conditions seem to exist, and according to the staff, no new food preparation or maintenance equipment was introduced to this aging location. Judging by the results I witnessed, the money blown on this attempted renewal would have been better spent providing their dedicated employees with much needed wage increases.

I do have one very positive thing to say, to Taco Bell's credit: in these tough economic times, Taco Bell has stepped up to the challenge of providing customers with a quick, quality hot meal option, for a mere $2 and some change! Their Meal Deal menu offers a decent variety of selections, like the Gordita Deal, or the Chalupa Deal, that include a regular sized drink and a bag of chips. This presents an option for people on a limited budget to enjoy a meal on the go, without breaking their banks.

To recap -

Recent Omaha location remodel attempt: not so great.

Economy conscious Meal Deal Menu offerings: WAY TO GO Taco Bell!

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