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Tackling the sock drawer

Whole and matched socks
Whole and matched socks

We all need to see results in everything we are striving to do. Why not start with a quick but rewarding assignment -- tackling the sock drawer of everyone in your house!

Follow the steps listed above, and use these tips as you purge your sock drawer:

Throw out any socks with holes, as well as socks that are worn out, stretched, don't have a mate or stained.
Relocate socks that belong in another family member's sock drawer {it happens!}.
Relocate any other items that have crept into this drawer that aren't socks.
Give away or donate socks that don't fit you well.
Give away or donate socks you haven't worn in the last six months {except for a few of those warm fleecy or wool socks that you only wear in the winter!}.
Consider how often you do laundry and how many socks you need. Then give away or donate socks that you have too many of.
Consider what types of socks you wear now (not what you used to wear or what you think you should wear) and give away or donate those you don't need. {For example, I have found about a dozen pairs of pantyhose. Since I rarely wear these anymore, I plan on keeping 2 and donating the rest.}
Think about how much space you have in your sock drawer and if you still have too many socks for your space then purge some more. You want to be able to easily find what you're looking for when you're getting ready in the morning!

You may also see, that you actually NEED more socks.

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