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Tackle tune-up


Minnesota's 2009 bass opener is only days away and many people still do not have all of their equipment ready for the Memorial Day weekend of fishing. Here are a few tips of how to prepare for this year of fishing.
Fishing reels need more care than most would think. They should be opened and lubricated so that they are at their best performace for the fishing season. Water, small weed particles, and other obstructions could find their way into the reel casing and cause potential problems. One last tip for fishing reels, is to make sure that all the nuts and bolts are tightened, before it is too late and they are sinking to the depths below.
Another important tune up is that of hooks. Whether it be a single hook on a spinnerbait, a treble on a jerkbait, or just a single hook for a plastic worm, making sure they are sharp will surely cause a higher percentage of hook sets. Simply taking a utility file and running it on each side a couple of times should do just fine. It may be hard to get at some of the small bass style crankbaits but the lunker that may bite will be worth the effort.
There is one more important aspect of the rod-reel-tackle combination that may critical to fishing succcess. The choice of fishing line and the option of using a leader may also be the deciding factor of ones catch. It is simply not the best idea to go after large northerns with 2 lbs test line, while at the same time it is not needed to go after bass with 100 lbs line. Choose line that is acceptable for the species being chased. Having a leader will also help keep toothy northerns or walleyes from cutting the line and will also help cut through weeds.
If followed, these few tips should help increase one's hook-set to catch ratio. Though these tips are important, they are only a few among many things that can be done to prepare for the Memorial Day bass opener.