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Tackle taming with TackleWebs storage systems

TackleWebs Storage Systems keep all your tackle where you need it.
TackleWebs Storage Systems keep all your tackle where you need it.
Ron Presley

The older I get the more I dread leaving my seat on the bow to retrieve tackle. I have done it a million times before, but my knees just don’t like it anymore. I step down into the cockpit and walk to my seat behind the consol. Open the lid on the seat to access the tackle I need. It may be leader material, hooks, lures; you know the drill, whatever it takes to get back to fishing. Then I had to move back to the front, step up on the deck to regain my fishing position. I just eliminated all that. Now, no matter what I need I have it with me on the bow.

The solution to my logistics problem was the new TackleWebs Pedestal Seat Storage System. The installation was easy and the results fantastic. I procrastinated on the installation for a while, but seeing the potential benefits I finally cut out a couple hours to do the install. About 30 minutes later I wondered why I waited because it didn’t take long at all.

I removed the 4 bolts holding my existing seat to the bracket and sandwiched the new round mount between the seat and the bracket. Using the 4 bolts that came with the Pedestal Seat System I tightened the whole thing up. Next I snapped the new TackleWebs bag on the mount, secured the ends with the Velcro, and I was ready to go.

I couldn’t be happier. Everything I previously retrieved from the seat storage in the cockpit was now located in the new bag within easy reach. No more travelling to re-rig. I had a ton of new storage that was using space previously unused.

That simple bag circling my seat holds leader material, hooks, pliers, de-hookers, lures, weights, you name it. Anything you need to keep fishing and quit travelling from one end of the boat to the other can be stored and accessed in this fantastic product.

Even my cell phone stores easily and is much less likely to go overboard. Don’t forget the snacks, sunscreen, lip balm and other non-tackle items that you might need or want. They can all be right there with you.

PS: Anyone with a boat knows how valuable storage space is, and this is just one of many different variations of the TackleWeb products available. "Clear your deck for battle". Check them out at

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