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Tabloid: Hillary will be stopped by running Oprah this time

They derailed Hillary's presidential ambitions in 2008 and could do it again in 2016
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The tabloids might only get it right just a little more often than a broken clock, but this story is just too rich to ignore. The taboid, The Globe, is declaring on the front page of it's current edition, “Oprah vs. Hillary: Secret plan to make talk queen President,” in reference to the notion that Oprah Winfrey is being prepared to run for the Democrat nomination for president against Hillary in 2016.

The online summary of the story, in part says, “Desperate to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming President, political power brokers have drawn up a secret plan to put Oprah Winfrey in the White House. You'lll be shocked at the identity of the talk queen's bigget backers and learn all about her surprise plan to make her the U.S.'s first woman Commander-in-Chief.”

I won't be surprised to find out who those backers are, my guess is the usual suspects will be among those listed: David Alexrod, Bill Burton, Stephanie Cutter, David Plouffe, and the rest of the crew that engineered Barack Obama's win in the 2008 contest for the Democrat nomination for president against Hillary Clinton. Remember, Hillary is the leading candidate of the Clinton faction of the party, which is lead by former President Bill Clinton, who sees himself as essentially getting back into the Oval Office through the person of his wife, Hillary.

Rush Limbaugh had once speculated that the Obama faction might run Michelle Obama against Hillary in 2016. That made sense, but running Oprah might be an ever better strategy for the hopes of the Obama faction keeping the White House in their control. Remember, it was perhaps the support of Oprah that allowed and enabled Barack Obama to beat Hillary in 2008. It would make a lot of sense for the far left “Hope and Change” faction of the Democrat Party to run Oprah against Hillary.

There is a very obscure political activist none of you have heard about that has toiled in obscurity and ridicule for years campaigning for an Oprah for President canddiacy. The obscurbe political activist is a former Libertarian turned into some kind of weird leftist that has fallen off the same edge of the round earth that Jesse Ventura seems to have found his own entry into space from, who is legally named Bruce Madison who re-invented himself as “Willy Chaplin.”

Bruce “Willy Chaplin” Madison first created in 1999 his “draft Oprah for president” web site for the purposes of getting folks to support running Oprah in the 2000 election which was eventually won by then Texas Governor George W. Bush. He later created other web sites to promote Oprah for president including this one and this one. And this one too. It seems Mr. Madison was more obsessed with Oprah for President than CNN has been over the missing Flight 370 from Malaysia.

You may ask why include in this article the mention of an obscure political activist supporting Oprah who appears to be just a few tokes short of a whole bong? The answer is that obscure political activist has been about as laughable and credible as the tabloid that bring us this story today. But again, this could be the rare instance in which they are right. If the Obamadrones decide that Oprah is the candidate for 2016 and they are able to both nominate her and get her elected (or selected) our next president, then we will have to seriously question who and what is controlling our political process these days. If they can pull this off, they really will have probably hi-jacked our political process, and the country itself.

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