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Tablets to control prison Cell-doors: Handy or Nightmare waiting to happen?

Prisoners using computers in jail
Prisoners using computers in jail

Can the change over in the dawn of the digital age be a huge catastrophe in the making?
As more and more people in the public sector opt in for communication devices and entertainment consoles,
the Private sector including prisons are beginning to make a digital shift as well.
This includes prisons now allowing computer access for inmates, and having cell-doors that are now remote
controlled with Tablet computers.
The question to ask is as we move to a more digital society, do we also open ourselves up to a higher potential
for compromised devices and procedures that would otherwise not exist? The answer is a shocking yes!
As more and more reports begin to surface of cell phones and tablets making their way into prisons in everything
from babies diapers to cigarette boxes and body cavities, we can only imagine it a matter of time until the first
sytem hacking by devices either smuggled into prison or given to prisoners by sympathetic inside.
And then we have an even more expensive issue of millions of dollars of compromised equipment or worse with the possibility
or hacking and bugging, these devices could be used as a weapon to actually detain those who are put in place to guard the inmates
in the first place.
A question of ethics and forsight must be questioned into allowing such devices to pass into the walls of a supposed secured facility.
The entire due process should these devices be compromised will be and should be called into question,


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