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Tablets finally on the decline

Smartphones and tablets rule
Smartphones and tablets rule

The first quarter of 2014 has closed the books for quite some time by mid-July, and the numbers are in: Tablet sales are down. The tech-invested consumer has probably guessed right away that the sales have given way to the only other game in town: Smartphones.

However, something perhaps a bit more unprecedented has stolen a sizable share of the computer market – desktop PCs. Last year saw PCs decline a sharp 9.5 percent by this same time; this year, the numbers have picked up to a 2.9 percent drop as consumers appear to value the greater power they possess for applications, as well as the cheaper prices since the decline.

Analysts explain the PC purchase increase as the inevitable upgrade consumers give into, as this happens every few years – people want their PCs faster and better. As a result of the PC surge, tablets have seen a drop of three million in sales in 2014 so far.

Of course, there are 10.1”, 8” and 7” Tablets; so which ones are falling in demand? Latin Post reported that NPD DisplaySearch data identifies the 7” form factor as the less desirable ones, insofar as Q1 2014 is concerned. According to market projections, the 7” tablet will likely continue to relinquish its market share to the growing shipments of PCs through next year in 2015.

One thing is for certain: the Smartphone is now the King – by far. The number of Tablet sales runs just past the 300 million mark; whereas nearly two billion Smartphones will be shipped in 2015. Windows Smartphones are creeping up on Apple’s flagship iPhone – but keep in mind the larger iPhone 6 hasn’t yet been announced.

Perhaps the advent of a 7” Smartphone will show itself better suited to this form-factor (as long as it delivers the technological goods) than the current Tablet; or, it may finally be too big for even the size-hungry consumer as a cell phone.