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'TableTop' launches Indiegogo campaign for season 3 and sets a new record

International TableTop Day hosts, Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton.
International TableTop Day hosts, Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton.
Alison Korth

On April 5, Geek & Sundry hosted its second annual "International TableTop Day." A total of 81 countries participated in the event along with 100 different universities and 325 libraries. One of the biggest headlines to come out of "International TableTop Day" was the announcement for the third season of "Table Top." Additionally, the show would be seeking help from the loyal audience that has already been following them for two strong seasons.

According to Wil Wheaton, host of "TableTop,"

Before we had finished airing season two of 'TableTop,' thousands of people were asking me when season 3 would begin. When I replied that we hadn't secured funding for season 3, so I didn't know, the reply was always the same: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY."

The response was overwhelming. In just 24 hours, "TableTop" set a crowdfunding record "for most funds raised by a digital series" by raising $261,000. The old record had been held by "Bee and Puppy Cat" who had raised $218,000 in the first 24 hours of their campaign.

Wheaton then added,

I love the idea of crowdfunding, and I love the idea of working together as a community to make something awesome, so I added all these things up, and decided that we'd let the worldwide audience of 'TableTop' fans who have been so supportive of our show make it possible for us to give them the third season they (and we) want. We've always had an independent spirit at Geek & Sundry, and I'm so excited to partner with our community and Indiegogo to become a truly independent production, so we can do things in season 3 that we haven't been able to do before, and get even more people to play more games.”

Right now the total amount raised for season three of "TableTop" sits at just over $364,000 with 33 days left to raise the remaining $136,000. At this rate it is very likely the popular web series will reach its goal of $500,000 in order to produce a 15-episode season. However, what happens if the show exceeds these expectations? Have no fear, because they are well prepared for that exact scenario. In the event they break their goal, they have set a stretch goal at $750,000. If that goal is met, they will produce an additional five episodes bringing the season total to 20 episodes.

Finally, if they are able to achieve a funding total of $1 million or more, they will launch a brand new show that will feature role playing games. It would include a campaign that would span the entire length of a season rather than a one-shot like when they played the "Dragon Age" RPG on an earlier episode of "TableTop."

For more information about season three of "TableTop" as well as the chance to donate, then check them out at

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