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Tabata: Effective interval training

Tabata training class
Tabata training class

Effective fitness training is essential to training at the highest level, and it is crucial for being competitive in all sports especially in long endurance competitions and all field sports. One of the most effective ways of training is known as interval training which is a combination of training of durations of high and low aerobic training starting with a simple target heart rate of a mid-range of 60%-70% and high intensity of a high of 80%-90%. This, of course, would be repeated a number of times depending on the individual’s health capacity that just consists of aerobic activity.

However, there is a new form of interval training that a fitness lover should be taking part in, especially if they love a quick fitness fix and are in shape. This program is designed to slowly get you into the proper Tabata Training program and is designed so you can get the workout done quickly.

The simple Tabata interval method takes you through a sequence of exercises that last for 20 seconds with high intensity with only 10 seconds rest and repeating for 4 cycles. This form of exercise has given great new levels to interval training on short-term post exercise metabolism as stated by Dr. Olson, who overlooked this programmed. This is a great program for those that are into fitness but are already in great shape. If you are not in great shape, make sure you are talking with your doctor to make sure you are able to take part in the Tabata training program.