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T-Pain slams hip-hop homophobes: Frank Ocean sees no side gigs since coming out

Rapper T-Pain is a bit angry. He's fed up with the pervasiveness of homophobia in the hip-hop community. In a six-minute-long tirade on anti-gay attitudes within the rap section of the music industry, the "Can't Believe It" rapper skewered fellow artists unwilling to record or be seen as associating with artists that are known to be gay. As an example, he noted that Grammy-winning artist Frank Ocean has virtually ceased to exist in the hip-hop community since coming out.

Huffington Post reported Feb. 11 that T-Pain, whose real name is Faheem Rasheed Najm, has no patience for those who would relegate LGBT individuals to objects of ridicule and rejection. "I think the radio is getting more gay friendly," he said. "I don't think urban music or anything is getting more gay friendly. If that was the case, Frank Ocean would be on a lot more songs. I know n-----s that will not do a song with Frank Ocean just because he gay, but they need him on the f--king song and that's so terrible to me, man. It's like, 'Dude, my lifestyle ain't gonna change how people see you.'"

Frank Ocean, who began his career as a ghostwriter for Justin Bieber and John Legend as well as being a member or Odd Future, came out in 2012 just prior to the release of his Channel Orange album. The album went on to win the 2012 Soul Train Awards Album of the Year and the 2013 Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

T-Pain's rant occurred during an interview with Vlad TV. He noted two top hip-hop artists that worked with Ocean before he announced his first love was a man.

"Like, he was on the 'Watch the Throne' album before he came out," T-Pain said, "and then when he came out, it's like he can't get in the studio with Jay and Kanye right now. It's so f--king terrible. ... It's in his f--king genes. It's not a f--king choice. The man came out like that, and you can't just f--king disown this man because he's living a certain life that you don't f--king approve of because somebody told you not to approve of it."

To be fair to Jay-Z and Kanye West, Frank Ocean appears on their follow-up solo albums to Watch The Throne. He was a featured on West's Yeezus on the "New Slaves" track and on Jay-Z's "Oceans" track on Magna Carta Holy Grail. But his point as to Ocean getting time in the studio with rap artists as a featured performer has been noticeably near-nonexistent, something unheard of for artists as lauded as Ocean was in 2012 and early 2013. In fact, in 2013, besides the two aforementioned credits, Ocean has appeared on only a couple of rap singles -- from Tyler The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt, both fellow groupmates from Odd Future. He's also appeared on singles from Beyonce and John Mayer, neither of which are considered rap artists (although Beyonce's marriage to Jay-Z might qualify her as a member of the rap community via association).

"It's like, dude if you ain't gay, then gay things shouldn't bother you," T-Pain continued. "Gay people shouldn't bother you.

"You can say gay things but not be seen as gay. You don't gotta say, “No homo.” You ain't gotta say, “I want a hot dog, no homo...

"Be comfortable with your manhood…"

T-Pain is currently at work on new material for his fifth studio album.

Frank Ocean is working on his second album, which he says is influenced by the Beach Boys and the Beatles.

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