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T-Mobile Q2 profits surge as 1.5 million new customers join the Uncarrier

John Legere, T-Mobile CEO takes the stage during a company keynote
John Legere, T-Mobile CEO takes the stage during a company keynote
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T-Mobile has just posted its second quarter earnings statement today, and it's clear to see that the direction the mobile giant decided to take a couple of years ago is starting to pay off in a big way. On July 31 the Uncarrier announced that they have been able to add over 1.5 million new customers to its network during the last quarter.

T-Mobile's ability to add new customers to its ranks during the last quarter means that the carrier has now grown for the fifth consecutive quarter, and the recent addition of 1.5 million new customers means that T-Mobile has now crossed over the 50 million subscribers mark for the first time in company history.

Out of the 1.5 million new subscribers to the magenta network, 908,000 were post-paid customers. While things seem to be going rather well for John Legere (T-Mobile’s CEO), his counterpart at Sprint had to announce that the Now Network lost 245,000 customers, while AT&T and Verizon added 1 million, and 1.4 million new customers respectively.

The arrival of 1.5 million new customers to the Uncarrier’s network meant that revenue also increased, with the carrier’s income topping out at $7.2 billion, with an operating profit of $391 million. The kind of rapid growth that T-Mobile are experiencing is exactly why Sprint wants to merge with the company, but several quotes from John Legere on this mornings conference call suggest that T-Mobile’s CEO doesn't want to merge with them at all.

While Legere stated that he was not able to comment specifically on the merger, he basically told shareholders and listeners to the call that the Magenta network did not need to merge with Sprint to succeed, and based off of last quarters earnings and customer acquisition numbers, one would have to agree with him.

T-Mobile has gone on the offensive of late, and the carrier is continuing to improve its network all the time. The mobile network announced that it has successfully rolled out VoLTE nation-wide in just two months after first being launched in Seattle, and that they now have 2.8 million customers who can enjoy the new service. T-Mobile are also continuing their roll-out of Wideband LTE by equipping their cell towers with 700 MHz technology, as well as trying out new devices that would be able to operate on the new spectrum that they purchased earlier this year.

The future for T-Mobile in the U.S looks incredibly bright, and when the company can boast that they have just been ranked the highest out of all the major carriers when it comes to customer service and satisfaction, you can only think that the network will keep on growing.

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