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T-Mobile is revolutionizing wireless industry

T-Mobile wants your business—and along the way is revolutionizing the way wireless carriers offer services, according to an Oct 9 report in the Wall Street Journal.

First, T-Mobile announced that it was eliminating phone subsidies. This offer revolutionized the carrier business by bringing no-contract pricing to the wireless industry. For example, at T-Mobile you can get unlimited talk, text and web for just $50 a month.

Second, T-Mobile launched a new cellphone upgrade program. Called “Jump”, this program lets T-Mobile customers upgrade their phones twice a year—not once every two years like the plans that were offered by other carriers.

Now, in an event headlined by Shakira on Wednesday, T-Mobile announced that, as of Oct 31, customers no longer have to pay for international data and text charges if they are enrolled in T-Mobile's Simple Choice plan. These T-Mobile customers will be able to travel abroad (including to Canada and Mexico) and do emailing, social networking, web browsing and more—all for free.

Plus, T-Mobile is capping the cost of international voice calls for Simple Choice customers at just 20 cents a minute. This means that these T-Mobile customers can now call from, for example, London to New York (from foreign country to U.S) or London to Liverpool (from one location in a foreign country to another location in that country), or London to Paris (from one location in a foreign country to another foreign country) for 80 percent less than what other carriers charge for these calls.

T-Mobile prepaid plans and some other budget plans are ineligible for this free international roaming.

Verizon, AT&T and Sprint have each moved to match T-Mobile by eliminating handset subsidies and setting up services so customers can upgrade their phones more than once every two years. It seems a given that T-Mobile's competitors will also try to match T-Mobile's new free roaming service too (but quite grudgingly because roaming charges are very profitable).