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T-Caps are Over...Now What?

Baking (and decorating) counts as supplemental lesson time.  Everyone needs to know how to cook, right?
Baking (and decorating) counts as supplemental lesson time. Everyone needs to know how to cook, right?
Emily L. Goodman

For many virtual schooling students, the end of t-caps also marks the beginning of the end of the school year. It’s almost over—almost time to sit back, relax, and enjoy what summer has to offer. Finally, they can spend their days doing what they want to do, rather than being stuck behind a computer screen all day! However, with weeks still remaining in the school calendar, many learning coaches may be asking the all-important question, “What now?”

Start making plans for next year. How do you want the next school year to go? Are there habits that you picked up this year that need to be abolished before your child returns to school in the fall? What about good habits? Are there things that you got to do this year that you would like to continue into next year? Make note of all of these things, and start making a plan of action.

Keep working in the OLS. If your child’s progress is not at a hundred percent, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep working, and every reason why you should. While the teachers might not require it, there are many valuable lessons within the last part of the curriculum. Work toward a hundred percent progress, and keep in mind that, while eighty percent is all that is required, a hundred percent of the material is for your child’s current grade level.

Go back and work on lessons that weren’t mastered. Those lessons that you went ahead and skipped over because your child needed the progress more than he needed to spend extra time on them? Now is the time to go back and look at them again.

Work in Study Island. Study Island is a valuable tool that will help your child, not only with T-Caps, but with an overall understanding of the material that has been presented to them. Study Island will also enable you to see what your child really does know, really doesn’t know, and needs some extra work on.

Clock in some supplemental time—and enjoy it! You’ve got a little more freedom now that the end of the year is here. Class connect sessions won’t be as regular, and what sessions there are will be more likely to be optional. This is the time when you can go on some field trips, watch a movie or two, and just in general enjoy this side of homeschooling—a freedom that virtual parents don’t usually have.

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