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T-Bones Mississippi Style BBQ Restaurant in Arlington TX is easy to miss, but don't do it

The sausage, smoky ribs, yams and macaroni & cheese are outstanding at T-Bones Mississippi Style BBQ
The sausage, smoky ribs, yams and macaroni & cheese are outstanding at T-Bones Mississippi Style BBQ
Veronica Hobson

It’s easy to pass by T-Bones Mississippi Style BBQ in Arlington Texas and never know it’s there. Many people drive down Collins Street near Arkansas and miss the bbq restaurant located at 2324 S Collins 76014, in the back corner of the True Value hardware shopping center. They don’t know they are missing out on a savory dining experience. Recently I drove into the parking lot looking for T-Bones and still almost missed it. I searched until I found it and was rewarded with a meal that was filled with flavor, freshly prepared, and different from the ordinary.

Filled with Flavor
I ordered a two meat combo platter with ribs, sausage, macaroni & cheese, yams, Texas toast and cornbread. I have spent most of my life eating macaroni & cheese made from a blue box, so homemade always tastes different to me. But this mac & cheese, was more than homemade, it had extra flavor that I discovered later was garlic. Although it might not sound good, it was delicious. It gave the mac & cheese a robust flavor. The cornbread also was flavorful. It was made from coarse cornmeal which gave it a substantial texture. I requested butter with it, but after one bite realized butter was unnecessary. I also sampled the mashed potatoes and gravy. The potatoes were made from real potatoes and the gravy had a hearty meat taste which came from the turkey broth cooked into it.

Freshly Prepared
There were a couple of customers who ordered take out before me and I had to wait about 20 minutes for my food to be prepared. I was impatient until I tasted the food. Everything was hot and obviously fresh. The ribs were tender. The cornbread was crumbly, not hard. The yams were warm with a good texture.

Different from the Ordinary
The best thing about the food at T-Bones is that it was a nice departure from everyday fare. The ribs had a smoky flavor that went all the way to the bone. The yams as well as being fresh had nutmeg which gave them a pumpkin pie type flavor. One of my dinner companions had collard greens with bits of chopped chicken and pork with a hot and spicy zing.

If you are ever in Arlington driving down Collins Street near Arkansas, look closely into the shopping centers. Back in the corner is a hard-to-find Mississippi style barbeque restaurant. Once you get there and taste the food, you will know it was worth the seeking.


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