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T.A. Chase on Paranormal Romance

Not Seeing is Believing
Not Seeing is Believing
T.A. Chase

As part of our month of paranormal romance authors, please welcome to the Examiner…T.A. Chase!

First of all, T.A., please tell our readers a little about yourself.

I've been writing m/m romances for four years now. Wow...where has the time gone? I have 37 stories out with my 38th coming in December. I have a few paranormals out since this is what the interviews

Yes, it’s the month for spooky stories with the sizzle of romance. So what prompted you to start writing paranormal romance?

Ghosts and spirits fascinate me, along with the creatures that haunt the dark like vampires and werewolves. Plus I'm addicted to shows like Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters. A lot of the episodes I watch help spark ideas.

Who was the first paranormal romance author you remember reading?

Gosh, I can't really remember because it's been a long time since I started reading them. But one of the series that sticks in my mind and I go back to re-read all the time is the Psycop series by Jordan Castillo Price.

And how long have you been writing in this sub-genre?

Since I first got published. My second book, Here Be Dragons, is an urban fantasy with paranormal aspects. It's a genre I love to write and explore in

And it’s a genre with many, many fans—no matter what the paranormal feature is. So, are your stories more character-based or plot-based?

I'd have to say that most of my stories are character-based. The guys come to me first and tell me what their story's about. The best stories for me, as a reader, are the ones where I become invested in the character's life and I hope I do that with my stories.

Is there humor in your books or are they fairly serious?

I always try to add humor into any of my books, even the ones that are serious. It's good to cut the angst with a little laughter once in a while.

Very true, especially if the paranormal aspect is a bit dark. What are your favorite types of paranormal characters to write about?

I like to write about shifters and vampires, but I'll give any type a try. I'm an equal-opportunity type writer. I've done two ghost stories so far and would like to do more of those. Also, I'd like to write a psychic story soon.

What do you consider to be the most important ingredients of a compelling paranormal romance?

The likability of the characters and, as strange as it may sound, the plausibility of the paranormal aspect of the story. If the author can give me a good explanation as to why it happened, I'm willing to enjoy the story.

Please tell us about your latest book.

My latest book, Not Seeing is Believing, is about Barry, a blind vampire, and his neighbor. Anthony is a wizard and has scars of his own. It's part of Liquid Silver Books series, Strange Hollow, which has different authors write stories set in a fictitious town where unusual or abnormal paranormal creatures are accepted. My story isn't full of angst. It's just a simple story of two damaged men falling in love.

What a great idea for a series! What was your favorite scene to write in this book?

I don't have a favorite scene per se. Barry has a Seeing Eye dog, Angelica, that is really a hell hound and she can be really snarky at times.

That sounds like a fun character, and is probably where you were able to add some of that humor you mentioned before. Dare we ask which character was your favorite to create?

Again, in my most recent book, my favorite character to write was Angelica. I could let all my snark tendencies lose with her. But Barry was a close second. He's lived with his blindness long enough that it doesn't bother him overly much. He's just continued on doing what he needed to do to survive, and for the most part, enjoys life.

Where can readers find you and your books on the internet?

I'm published at quite a few different publishers, so the best way to find me is at my website. You can also stop by my blog as well.

Thanks for letting me stop by and chat about my books, Teri.



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