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SYTYCD alum Ricky Palomino featured as director/choreographer on 'Raising Asia'

SYTYCD alum Ricky Palomino featured as director/choreographer on 'Raising Asia'
SYTYCD alum Ricky Palomino featured as director/choreographer on 'Raising Asia'
Manny Ramirez

Combining his classical ballet training with contemporary ballet repertoire at prestigious dance companies such as Cedar Lake, the "So You Think You Can Dance" (SYTYCD) alum Ricky Palomino brings technical precision, artistic passion and creative choreography and direction to the dance world. It is no surprise that he coaches child star Asia Monet Ray on her new Lifetime show "Raising Asia." You may have already seen him appear on episodes of "Raising Asia" this summer. His next appearance on the show will be Tuesday, Sept. 2 at 10/9c.

Palomino highlighted, "Asia's natural talent and stage presence have raised the bar for young dancers in the industry. Her level of technical competence is beyond most dancers her age."

Palomino's formal ballet training has helped him excel as a performer, choreographer and director. As the foundation of dance arts, ballet helps dancers gain technical skills and flexibility. Take a look at his intricate choreography and flawless movement at

In addition to instructing Asia Monet Ray, Palomino also tours as a celebrity choreographer with SHOCK the Intensive and serves as the company's co-director. He is also a dance professor at AMDA (American Musical Dramatic Academy) in Hollywood, CA.

Palomino's capabilities extend to other realms of dance as well. Recently, he collaborated with 16 renowned choreographers including Madonna's choreographer Matt Cady in the stage production "Daylight Come" in which Asia Monet Ray was the lead dancer and musical artists/producers Nicci and Shayon The HITman were featured. Cady and Palomino are also working on a multi-media show in LA this fall.

Additionally, the LA-based, multi-talented artist has two albums on iTunes titled "Hyperactive Involvement" and "Amateurly Honest." Take a listen to his distinct sounds here.

Tune in to "Raising Asia" on Lifetime Tuesdays at 10/9c to see Palomino mentor Ray to the top. You can get a sneak peak of what is in store this season here.
To learn more about Palomino's career as a director, choreographer, model and musician, visit


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