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Systems induced trauma lynchpins: Adoptions incentives quota "awards" (Part 5 )

This is 5th in a series of responses to the forensic FOIA article special published by the MiamiHerald on child deaths in Florida in Child Protective Services purview.

Mom confronted OKDHS mishandling of child sex assault, and improper placement based upon expert medical option. Jailed 14 mos.
Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Misty Williams

Subsidized adoptions are funds for adoptive parents of anyone from birth to 17 or so who is adopted from State foster care into a "permanent" placement.

There are funds available before the adoption, funds made available because of the adoption and ongoing funds paid to care for the adoptee.

There are also funds made available from the Federal Government for the State adoptions processes, and this money is paid to the state. It is called an incentive award. may be used to pay to any process that supports or encourages adoptions. So that is HHS staff, or activities that support adoptions. There is a bonus paid for meeting quotas.

Those dollars go to the "team" who finds and secures proper placements in or out of the family for a child who is placed in fostercare, whether the family is present or not or the reports and such are accurate. ( Refer back to Dr. Michelle Alexander, on coming to know and understand the "guilty") Read on.

Who foster kids are : (?Where are their parents?)

Who are Oklahoma foster kids:

Who are Florida foster kids

Louisian foster kids, just because of what you'll see below

Here's the map of the US which allows the reader to link to any state and get the same profile.

Who are the receiving parents:

1.) There are kinship adoptions without a HHS entity involved

2.) Kinship adoptions with a HHS involved

3.) And guardian placements.

These three are typically the focus of available studies and numbers about adoptions placements, which will be the only ones looked at here, in consideration of issues that may stem from problems for children in HHS related situations, like those brought forward in the Miami Herald article on child deaths. Kinship is placement with blood family members who love and care for the child.

This is the PDF of payouts from the federal government to states for hitting or exceeding the set quota of adopting children out of fostercare and into permanent placements. This PDF came from this page

Louisiana is a state that has some pretty easy access on this kind of data.

This is a single state response to award and this is the 4th year announcement.

Here is the tax credit table on the finalized adoption.

Children can be adopted more than once,even in a year's time. So these numbers don't really reflect that... the whole retread or recycle thing. And it doesn't explain the return policy, if parents have to repay the incentives, OR if the worker has to repay their bonus, or this all goes in again for another bonus!

58 percent of all prospective adoptive parents said they would not have adopted without the subsidy. and 47% said their final decision was based upon the child having Medicaid. ( both notations from page 3 of this study) from Children's Rights is a national watchdog organization regarding child rights, often in relation to foster care and HHS agencies.

Other issues regarding placement have to do with things like this article posted last fall about young people in foster care or group homes being used in, running away to or being sold to sex traffickers or pimps. For years.

Ok. So, take a look back at that Oklahoma profile of children, where 6 year olds are a quick commodity.

Oklahoma abuse numbers roll at 1 and under being highest, 4 and under is next, and then jump right on to 6.

People are you paying attention that supports are removed after age 5, and does that relate at all to 6 being a magic number for new and now seemingly unresolvable problems? Oklahoma has one of the highest rates of Medicaid use in families of kids under the age of 5. All OKCPS schools are Title IV free breakfast, free lunch and backpack systems of care. People still don't have sufficient money to run a household in most working poor families and little hope of that ever improving "undercaste" Dr. Michelle Alexander calls that.

In the spirit of incentivism, think about what Dr. Michelle Alexander said about supply and demand. taking processes down wrong paths, but setting up cradle to prison pipelines that forever hold people in a caste system? No longer underclass, she said, it's "under caste". Classes have movement, castes are where you are born, stuck and die as one status, and rules regarding you accompany that for your whole life.

Could it be that the profiles of need and adoption are driven by incentivism.? Putting a price on achieving a trade, at all costs. Was that what happened to Serenity Deal? To Aja Johnson? or Misty Williams's case?

This is recent good news, but too late for this child. . This child was in a family placement with his Father.

Please notice there is no physician, mental health or rehabilitative counselor, DRS staffer, no guardian ad litem, no lawyer for the boy and no CASA worker and no Judge named in persons who failed the child. And, there typically never is. Hmm.

Could a Judge from the same county as the identified sit on such a case? And who would decide how, when, where and who would address the lineup of who would be charged, and where it would all go down?

OKDHS did not follow protocols for a general case investigation because the child was developmentally regressing and medically unwell. This child was disabled, so most likely was a service recipient, but the disability, life giving benefits like foodstamps, housing and utility assistance and medicaid are one area, benefits two areas, fostercare and cps are all separate.

IF you have concerns about active Oklahoma County Courthouse cases, here is the alleged path to address that, per Judge Swinton's office assistant

The biggest question the Miami Herald pulled forward that dovetails this writer's questions is : who gets help and why and who does not and why.

American families are under assault.

Since most of these issues operate "within" the law, there is little that is done to audit, or process success or failures.

There is also this exact example of adoptions subsidy and revenue fraud from an Oklahoma County Court Judge. It may be true to this day, these twins aren't placed.

And this, a Juvenile Court scandal

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