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Syrian Christian: ‘Why aren’t moderate Muslims standing up to the extremists?’

Yazidis And Syrian Christians Protest ISIS Violence
Yazidis And Syrian Christians Protest ISIS Violence
Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images

On Tuesday, JihadWatch reported that a Syrian Christian is asking why moderate Muslims aren’t doing more to stop the extremists in their midst while ISIS and other radical Muslims are waging war on Christians and the Obama administration has done little to halt the slaughter of Christians.

Robert Spencer of JihadWatch stated that the Syrian Christian who goes by the name of Yousef, a shopkeeper in the predominantly Christian neighborhood of Sulaimaniyah in Syria, is amazed that nothing is being said or done about the constant slaughter by radical Islamic extremists and ISIS.

Yousef said, “Why aren’t the moderate Muslims doing more to stop the extremists in their midst?” he asked bitterly. “Do they agree with their ideology and extremism? We saw hundreds of thousands of protesters on the streets against the abuses of the regime, so why are we not now seeing those thousands of protesters against what IS (Islamic State) is doing? Worse, we are now seeing many people and rebel groups joining them. There are so many hundreds of these Islamic rebel groups, but they are all the same, they all have this extremist ideology against us. My conclusion is that these groups and IS are fully supported and backed in what they are doing by the anti-government forces.”

In response to Yousef’s questions, Spencer said, “Fair questions. But no answers will be forthcoming from Muslim leaders in Syria or anywhere else. In the U.S., Hamas-linked CAIR can point to its condemnation of the Islamic State as if that settled the matter — yet neither CAIR nor any other Muslim group is doing anything to teach Muslims to reject the Islamic State’s understanding of Islam.”

On the website, ALMonitor, a site that analyzes the pulse of Middle East affairs, where the story first broke, ALMonitor reporter, Edward Dark spoke with another Syrian Christian named George who was very critical of the United States and the Obama administration for doing nothing.

George said, “Why didn’t the United States take military action when the ISIS persecuted Christians in Raqqa and Mosul? Why only now when it is Yazidis being targeted? There is a plot to remove all Christians from the Middle East, it is crazy… the West has the same plan as the terrorists for us! It is clear, look, now France is taking in all Christian refugees from Iraq, but in Mali it sent in its army to defeat the terrorists. Are they only terrorists in Iraq and Mali, but revolutionaries in Syria?”

Meanwhile, Fox News is reporting that Iraq’s Christians are engaged in a mass departure after ISIS stormed their villages in several areas of Iraq and spoke with an Iraqi Christian, Munira Aziz about her predicament in fleeing her home.

Outside of speaking to Aziz, several of the Christian refugees told Fox News of the same tales of escaping with little but their lives and faith. Grateful for help and happy to be alive, they bear the suffering of recent weeks with a fortitude borne of years of persecution. Fox News also said that for many, this is not the first time they have had to flee due to being first under Saddam Hussein and then by a succession of jihadists groups.

The Christians told that converting to Islam, even under threat of death, was never an option. One Christian told Fox News, “People say it would be easy to become a Muslim, but my religion is everything I now have… why would I give that up? I would die first.”

For Yousef, George, and an Iraqi Christian, Munira Aziz who spoke to Fox News, getting their pleas out to the world is what they want.

In the case of Aziz, she told Fox News, “Please, tell the world what is happening. Please tell the world we just want to go home. We just want to live… we just want to be safe."

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