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Syria To Hold Elections During Civil War

Syria To Hold Elections During Civil War
Syria To Hold Elections During Civil War
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Syria will hold elections June 3, announced by the speaker of parliament Mohammed al-Laham in a televised speech. He stated that this is a constitutional requirement. At this point, there is only President Bashar Assad running for office.

Now what's funny about all this is that there are some 9 million people who don't have a place to call home. There are areas of the country that are right now under rebel control and you know those people will not be voting. There are all the refugee's who have crossed over to Lebanon and you know they won't be coming back to be voting.

So one has to ask who is left to vote and will they take the time to come out and possibly be shot by rebels or by their own government. You see this civil war has brought many atrocities to this war torn country. Many civilians have been gassed and tortured. Many civilians have fled because of the thought of reprisals by their own neighbors.

Will there even be enough of the populace left to even think that this could be a legitimate vote. Does the world even care about all that is happening in Syria anymore? I mean we have the Ukrainian situation and ferry's that are sinking and airplanes that fly themselves to disaster. Do we even care what happens in this country?

Russia is sending arms and missiles to the Assad government and the United States sends the same to the rebels. They tried last summer to have talks about what is going on in Syria but no one could ever find the time to get together and talk. Putin was worried about the gays at the Olympics and what they would be doing. Obama was on vacation. Assad was cowering in some underground installation because he was afraid to come out and see his people. Truthfully Assad only came out a short time ago he has not been seen for months until last week.

So let's have a good election and take the time to go and shake hands in the bunkers and kiss the bodies of the dead children that he gassed. Assad stayed in the bunker too long, he finally cracked under the pressure of being one of the biggest jackasses of all time.