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Syria the Rapture Trigger as the Bear Rises

With all the end time Biblical events unfolding, it is tough to see what is happening and how it all started. Russia is now emerging strategically, but before this happened Russia was quietly working undetected, behind the scenes, getting other nations prepared for this day and hour when the Bear would rise.

Now it seems that the truth has come out, the whole trouble and turmoil in the middle east starts and ends with Russia. This is why the peace agreement between the Palestinians and Israel continues to fall apart and why there could never be any peace in the region. Now that Russia has reared its ugly head in the Ukraine, the world is starting to realize, quite reluctantly, that in order to solve the conflicts in the middle east, Russia must be dealt with, nuclear missiles and all.

But the problems with Russia did not start with the Ukraine, they started with Syria. And the problems in Syria came about just as the Arab Spring took place and many Middle East governments were getting overthrown. The Arab Spring ended when it reached Syria. Then it turned out that Syria was one of the biggest problems in the Middle East as President Assad was found to be using chemical weapons on his own citizens. The US threatened to topple Assad, even met with foreign leaders to come up with plans to get him out, but to no avail. Russia came up with a solution that Assad would agree to give up his chemical weapons in order to avoid war and so he could remain in power. Not surprisingly, Putin was the one who would oversee the destruction of these chemical weapons and he would report back to the world on how and when they were destroyed. The rest of the world agreed and nothing more was said.

More problems in Syria followed as the destruction of the chemical weapons was swept under the rug, reports came out in the beginning that some were being destroyed, but the whereabouts of the rest of the chemical weapons stockpiles is still unknown. By the time anyone would think to wonder, the weapons came up missing and may have been hidden or sent to another country under Russia's control, without a word ever being said by the rest of the international community. After all it was Russia's problem now, or so they thought.

Later Israel was coming out with complaint after complaint about rockets being fired from Gaza into Israeli communities. Soon after, Israel struck targets in Lebanon and Syria and Lebanon was accused of manufacturing weapons and sending them into Gaza. Recently Iran was being accused of sending ship loads of Rockets into Gaza that was intercepted by the Israeli military. But many people now believe that these activities from Iran, Syria and Lebanon were being funded by Russia all along.

At the same time Syria was being accused of gassing their own people, Iran was working very hard to create nuclear material for a bomb. Israel once again was warning the world that if something isn't done about Iran, they will have to strike. Netanyahu made a famous speech at the end of 2013, with which he held up a picture of a bomb. There he drew a red line and said that by the spring of 2014, Iran will have a nuclear bomb. Netanyahu is also aware that Iran was having trouble with their nuclear material. So Russia offered to help them get it right by sending one of their top nuclear scientists to Iran to help ensure that their nuclear material goes full speed ahead. With the help of Russia, Iran has entered the nuclear arms race, alarming Israel and putting them in danger. But why is Russia helping all these countries?

This is a strategic plan by Russia to get their allies ready for that day and hour when Russia would rise. Could this be that hour? Well lets see, Syria is still gassing their people, the situation continues to get worse and the stockpile of chemical weapons is still out there. Lebanon continues to manufacture rockets which they distribute to Gaza, and are sure to have a large stockpile by now. Iran most likely has enough nuclear material at this time, to make a nuclear warhead.

Also to add to all the confusion, the peace agreement appears to have stopped between the Palestinians and Netanyahu. It looks like they could go for an extended time frame now past April as the Palestinians suddenly has a change in tone. Why the change of mind all of sudden? After all, they did say that there was no way they wanted the peace agreement to go past the deadline of April 29th.

The most logical explanation for the impass, is that there is no longer the need to agree on the part of the Palestinians. The allies of Russia are already prepared and ready to go. Russia has flexed its muscle by going into the Ukraine, showing the world its power, and the Palestinians being an ally to Russia are simply thinking now that there is no longer any need to compromise. Taking by force or fear of that force seems to be the easier answer, as Russia took the lead in showing how easy it could be done.

The only way there would ever be peace in the middle east now is if Russia would somehow feel the need for it. The Middle Eastern world now caters to Russia and it would take a miracle to get Russia to bend. Will enough tough sanctions bring Russia to its knees begging for peace, or will Russia come out swinging bringing the rest of the world into its rebellion?

Whatever is going to happen will happen soon and it will be painful for the world one way or the other. A war could break out which would bring the world to its knees or the peace agreement will be signed which will bring on the wrath of God for dividing the land of Israel.

So no matter what, its best to be ready because Jesus is coming! Ask him into your heart and to forgive you of your sins. The hour is late, the signs are in the heavens and all around that the tribulation is about to begin. Jesus is coming to save his people, so don't be left behind. Get your heart ready for Jesus today!

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