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Syria: Americans oppose military intervention

Syria is a country with serious problems. Concerning a possible US military intervention with the country of Syria, a recent Reuters poll uncovered a significant finding:

President Obama considering military intervention in Syria. But only 9 percent of Americans approve of military intervention in Syria.
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Only 9 percent of Americans support US military intervention in Syria, while 60 percent of Americans oppose U.S. military action in Syria.

Americans understand that there is a terrible crisis in the country of Syria. But Americans also recognize the fact that the United States is not the only country in the world that has available military capacity to help Syria.

The American people feel that the U.S.A. can no longer afford to be the world’s police, especially when the US government continues to borrow money, which is adding to the growing national debt.

Americans also realize that regarding military intervention in Syria, such an endeavor should be commanded by the United Nations. In addition, there are other countries ready and quite capable of intervening with powerful military action.

Therefore it’s not necessary for the US military to intervene in Syria.

Unasked Questions and Concerns

The US government ignores atrocities committed in other countries such as: North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Burma, and more. Therefore regarding military intervention in Syria, are there other persuading influences that are being considered?

  1. Do Syrian oil and gas pipelines have anything to do with military intervention?
  2. Is it possible that corporations are salivating at the possibility of a military venture that will greatly boost their profits?
  3. Is it possible that all of these corporations are financially influencing the US government to move forward with plans to attack Syria?


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