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Syria Accepts Deal on Chemical Weapons

The Flag of Syria
The Flag of Syria

There could be a solution in the standoff between Syria and the United States if the country agrees to hand over its chemical weapons. Syria accepted Russia's proposal to put its chemical weapons under international control to avoid military strike against the U.S.

The Russian proposal surfaced publicly when John Kerry responded to a reporter by suggesting that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could turn over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week.

Some U.S. foreign policy lawmakers saw Russia's proposal as a win-win and to avoid war. Some members of the Congress think the proposal is a trap. Syria has no intention of turning over all its chemical weapons and Russia does not intend to force Syria to do so.

Obama called the idea a "potentially positive development". He also said this could simply be a stalling tactic and would continue to press for military action.