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Syracuse loses Rob Moore to the NFL's Buffalo Bills

Rob Moore as a player
Rob Moore as a player
Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

It seems that the lure of Buffalo has taken another Syracuse coach from the ranks of Syracuse University football. Wide Receivers coach and former SU great Rob Moore has accepted an offer from former SU coach Doug Marrone to join him on the staff of the Buffalo Bills.

Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer had this to say:

“We celebrate Rob Moore’s opportunity to coach in the National Football League with the Buffalo Bills and look forward to recruiting the next best person to help our program attack the Atlantic Coast Conference in 2014. We have communicated our plan with our team and our National Letter of Intent signees. As soon as we hire our new coach, we look forward to introducing him to Cuse Nation.”

The team was fortunate to have him and it showed in the recruits signing on, so with so many former greats that went on to great pro careers, perhaps the blueprint has been laid out for this position and it does not affect any of yesterdays signees.