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Syracuse football introduces the latest recruiting class

Coach Scott Shafer of the Syracuse University Orange football team held his news conference yesterday amidst the snowstorm that hit the area to discuss SU’s latest signing day recruiting class.

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 27: Syracuse Orange head coach Scot Schafer, right, receives the Texas Bowl championship trophy at Reliant Stadium on December 27, 2013 in Houston, Texas.
Bob Levey/Getty Images

He stated that “One-try to find a group of young men that were of character that fit the mold of what we’re looking for at Syracuse. Two-To do a really good job having balance across the board. We had some skewed numbers when we first took the job a year ago and we really needed to find balance. We did that and the coaches did a good job putting together a board that was deep, and a board that adhered to the things we we're really focused on, and that’s finding high character kids that can play the game and have high respect for truly being a student-athlete.”

He went on to talk about the skill positions and needs and touched on the kicking game. Tall, long receivers and what they bring to the game, a group of 4-5 linebackers and that they feel like they addressed those needs. He feels they found some answers on the lines and that the quarterbacks, you can never have enough quarterbacks. (See embedded video)

Syracuse on paper looks bigger, deeper, and faster. They have their hands full with the schedule coming up this season. If you look at the ACC teams recruiting classes across the board the rich got richer and others really took some steps forward with some talented classes.

Coach Shafer is a character man and has some strong connections around the country at many powerhouse high schools, which helps him get those players from Florida, St. Louis (Those are tough kids) and others. While SU may not rank up there with the FSU’s or Clemson’s of the world as of yet, the coaching and recruiting staffs did SU proud with this their first real class after taking over so close to signing day last year.

The class of 25 includes 15 defensive players and 10 on the offensive side and represents 11 states, including six each from Illinois and Florida.

The class includes quarterback Alin Edouard, wide receivers Jamal Custis, Adly Enoicy, Steve Ishmael and KJ Williams, running back Ervin Philips, offensive linemen Aaron Roberts and Denzel Ward, defensive linemen Jalen Harvey, Kayton Samuels and Chris Slayton, linebackers Parris Bennett, Zaire Franklin, Colton Moskal and Jonathan Thomas, and defensive backs Antwan Cordy, Lamar Dawson, Juwan Dowels, Naesean Howard, Cordell Hudson, Treevon Prater and Rodney Williams. This group joins January enrollees wide receiver Corey Cooper, quarterback A.J. Long and defensive tackle Wayne Williams. (Source-Syracuse Athletic Dept.)

“We have dynamic players that will fit right into what we are trying to get to.” Coach said as the local media started asking how these kids will do next season.

Let’s let them go through camps, preseason, and start the season before we worry about how these kids will do just yet. Well done, Syracuse, well done.

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