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Syracuse coach Boeheim's rant leads to ejection and Duke win

Syracuse Orange coach Jim Boeheim ran onto the court after a controversial call against Duke, earning an ejection and leading to a Duke win on Feb. 22, 2014
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

On Saturday, Feb. 22, 2014, top-ranked Syracuse Orange played No. 5 Duke Blue Devils in college men's basketball at Cameron Indoor Stadium. The game, broadcast on ESPN to an audience of rabid fans, ended with a controversial call which brought longtime Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim running and yelling onto the court.

With 10.4 seconds remaining in the game and Duke ahead 60-58, the timing was poor for the tantrum, regardless of the call's accuracy.

Boeheim's rant, which included a repeated expletive, earned him a double technical call. Duke's Quinn Cook made 3 of 4 free throws and Tyler Thornton added another for a 66-60 Duke win.

The rant, which quickly went viral, can be seen on and is being shown on nearly every sports news feed on Sunday.

Jim Boeheim's name was trending on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Twitter users posted #Boeheim memes which featured selfies ripping open their shirts as Boeheim ripped open his suit jacket before running onto the court.

Syracuse fans supported Boeheim's behavior, citing a new NCAA ruling:

"Under the revised block/charge call in men's basketball, a defensive player is not permitted to move into the path of an offensive player once he has started his upward motion with the ball to attempt a field goal or pass. If the defensive player is not in legal guarding position by this time, it is a blocking foul."

In his post-game press conference, Boeheim offered no apology for his behavior, saying, "I just thought that was the worst call of the year, that's all."

In college basketball, good sportsmanship is supported. Game day programs contain a good sportsmanship conduct statement for fans to follow.

Boeheim's actions speak louder than any words could. Whether you're a fan of college basketball or not, the ongoing trend to act however you want, regardless of the consequences, is sad to see from a coach who is legendary in college basketball circles.

In our home, the Kansas vs. Texas game was on the screen. I'm a huge Jayhawk fan, despite living deep in ACC country. My husband, a Carolina Tarheels fan, changed stations to see the end of the Duke game just in time for us to witness Boeheim's rant.

The game wasn't decided with the call, it was decided with Boeheim's actions. The consequence of those actions was Duke's opportunity for the win.

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