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Synical Deliverance blends electronic and live drums to create an electronic industrial sound



  • Eric 5 years ago

    Iv'e seen these cats live , and wow I have to say they are the best band I have ever seen. Absolutly love them

  • ScotchAllenguarde 5 years ago

    i remember a young vektor telling me about that exact dream

    he's come along way since then, but still remains my best friend


  • dogmun 5 years ago

    i dont know about best band ever. you dont get out much do you eric?

  • dredd 5 years ago

    Synical Deliverance put on a really good shot at the Nick. I hadn't heard them beforehand. I enjoyed their sounds, and they gave each song its own visuals with costume changes that didn't delay the show. I'll definitely be trying to catch them again.

    The Sediment was good musically, but their vocalist was pretty ragged. He said during their set that this was their 13th show in a row on little sleep, so maybe it was the strain.

    Exhaustion and other issues cause me to miss Disco Tobauco. Sorry, maybe I'll get a chance to check them out soon.

  • Patricia Tully 5 years ago

    They're scheduled to play at Imagicon this year in May. I'll keep you posted on other performances.

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