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What to do when children have symptoms of ear infection

A child's ear infection can be caused by a common cold or second-hand smoke, which is due to being around where cigarette smoke is lingering in their vicinity.

Symptoms of ear infection in children are: fever, pain in the ear, runny nose, vomiting, the child has less of an appetite, child is not in a playful mood than usual, crying and fussiness, nausea, headache, dizziness, and some children will rub and pull on their ear when there's ear infection.

Other things that cause ear infection is teething or something small is stuck in the ear.

Try to get your child to a doctor/Pediatrician soon as possible when an ear infection occurs. After your child's Pediatrician prescribes pain medication, administer the medication to your child as needed according to the instructions. And make sure your child gets rest, water, milk and 100% orange juice so the child gets well quicker.

Avoid letting your child be around cigarette smoke, keep the child's hands clean; let the child sit up when drinking fluids.

Breastfed children have less ear infections than children that aren't breastfed.

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