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"Symply Too Good to Be True: Diet Recipes"

(ATTENTION: please note, symply is the right spelling)

Too Good to be true" is a book with a wonderful collection of ways to improve your health and lose weight. The recipes are exciting, a way to enjoy meals which taste as good as the fattening ones.
(Photos by author "Simply Too Good")

When I heard Annette Sym had a 28 day weight loss plan, I was skeptical but she is Australia's # 1 cookbook "Symply Too Good To Be True" author with sales of 2.5 million books. This seemed to be a subject worth pursuing. Maybe they do things differently in Australia. Usually when a person is on a diet, they have to suffer through tasteless meals and hunger pains to make up for the times when they ate chocolates, fried chicken, and other delicious goodies.

Yes, dieting is difficult. Annette believes she can assist anyone who really wants to lose weight the healthy way. Of course, that is what any diet plan needs to succeed, a person who really wants to lose weight. Annette has over 150 ways to prepare tasty, low-fat, healthy recipes. And healthy is the key word because you need to keep watching what you eat while losing weight.
She feels the reasons people are overweight is because they make bad food choices, have a lack of physical activity and lack of motivation. You can still eat your favorite foods with her creative recipes.

Annette says, "You can enjoy chocolates guilt free."

The most difficult time of breaking the rules is at a party or gathering. Everyone seems to be eating but can you? Annette knows what it is like to be extremely obese. We all know dieting does not work, but what does her weight loss plan have that is so successful? It is all about changes to the way you cook which can transform your life and your health. These are recipes your whole family will enjoy, even those who do not have to diet.

Annette explained, "I was a chubby child, cuddly teenager, buxom bride, and an obese adult. My nickname was porky. I weighed 187 pounds on my wedding day. After each baby, I got bigger and bigger." Annette was only 37, confused and needed help. She decided to forget dieting and look into the health aspect of food.

If she were healthy, the weight would come off by itself. First Annette eliminated salt, caffeine and alcohol. She started walking and drinking lots or water. It took 20 months to lose 71 pounds. She maintained her healthy weight range for over 17 years.

Some of Annette's suggestions include family budget tips. What to do with leftovers? Do you have portion distortion instead of getting your food portions under control? How much steak should you really eat? Women's portions should weigh 4 oz. and men 5 oz. of steak. What about nuts, chips, and snacks?

Do not sit down to watch TV with a 9 oz. bag of chips instead measure no more than 2 ounces in a bowl. To lose weight women should have 2-3 pieces and men 3-4 pieces of fruit a day. Women should eat from a ½ to ¾ cup rice and 1 cup for men while spaghetti ranges from 1 cup for women and 1-1/2 cups for men.

When preparing for a big event, be sure to use recipes that are simple to make. She suggests her Thai beef salad as a lunch buffet dish. You can make cheesecakes and pies the day before. Even healthy foods should be eaten in moderate amounts. Be active and move your body. You should stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Vegetables can be eaten in unlimited amounts but this does not include avocado, corn or potatoes.

Annette feels soft drinks are way, way, way over consumed. She suggests forgetting about drive through meals. Do not eat on the run or eat just because you are nervous. She even offers tips about cooking for a Type 2 Diabetic, how to prepare food, serving for a big event, and cooking for yourself or for two.

There is a surprising way to make low fat chocolate delights.

Nationwide obesity has gone up in every state in the US. If you love lasagna, French fries, burgers and cheesecake then you need to know how to make her versions at 10% of the fat and all of the flavor you would expect.

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