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Sympathy for the Devil

Just as every cop is a criminal
and all the sinners saints.

Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones

Is anyone else sick and tired of the families of criminals blaming the police when the criminals' bad behavior causes them serious harm or even death?  Last Tuesday, we had just such a situation right here in central Pennsylvania, when one Clayton White, Jr., driving a stolen car, tried to flee the Harrisburg police and was killed when he crashed into a tree.  As a bonus, he almost killed his passenger, cousin Jediah Jones.

The police stated that they stopped the pursuit when the chase speed got to be dangerous, something they frequently do to protect innocent motorists and pedestrians from the fleeing fools, who have demonstrated conclusively that they have no regard for their own lives, much less those of anyone else who might happen to be around.  Yesterday, however, members of White's family have come forward to dispute the police version and, by implication, blame them for his death.

Another of White's erstwhile cousins, one Asia Yerser, has stated that the police officers chasing him "stayed behind him the whole time. They never stopped chasing him. Never."  And White's father, Clayton White, Sr., claimed that his son didn't know the car was stolen.

Well, O.K.  The claim that the police never stopped chasing White is Yerser's word against the cops, but come on now.  Even if they didn't stop chasing him, why on earth didn't he pull over?  Refer to the statement in the second paragraph about fleeing fools.  As for not knowing the car was stolen, why on earth would White not pull over if he didn't know it was stolen?  Refer again to the statement in the second paragraph about fleeing fools.

Certainly everyone's hearts go out to the White family, who have just lost a loved one.  This goes especially for the ten (yes, 10) children that he managed to father while in and out of prison, although one would have to wonder how he managed to spend much time with most of them.  White, Sr. stated that Clayton Jr. was turning his life around.  It may have even been true, but it only took one foolish act to end all that.

In any case, don't blame the Harrisburg Police.  To do so would by sympathizing with the Devil.


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