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Symbols of the dawn

Only when we know our solitude to be different from our loneliness can we be whole enough to honor another’s place. -Inguz Rune
Only when we know our solitude to be different from our loneliness can we be whole enough to honor another’s place. -Inguz Rune
Photo courtesy of EJH Gallery, used with permission

It is often shared that dawn (the center point) marks the awakening to all new understandings, and this requires the partnerships of night and day. Within nature’s processes is the action of “letting go,” in support of the cyclical patterns necessary to sustain the universal force of life that opens into the new beginning.

The ancient yogis taught that each person replicates the world and only the heart can know Truth. The salutations (greetings) are filled with songs of the heart to lovingly guide humanity, with openings that granted an alignment with the natural order of things. As evidenced in the following poem, the Divine within honors the Divine in all, as the Sun appears at the start of each important fresh day:

Sanskrit Salutation to the Dawn (- Kalidasa)

“Listen to the salutation to the dawn,

Look to this day for it is life, the very life of life,

In its brief course lie all the verities and realities of our existence.

The bliss of growth, the splendor of beauty,

For yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision,

But today well spent makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well therefore to this day.

Such is the salutation to the dawn.”

Oblique in sacred and foundational-type of wisdom is the way to integrate the four selves: Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It requires the traveler of the spiritual way to apply the same law, as in nature: The old passes away to bring about transformation into a new energy/form. In practice, this drive for completion is the stimulus in the direction of wholeness. It does require masterful artistry and being profound in one’s quest to pierce the fog of duality.

Opportunity for Introspection. In The Book of Rune Secrets a story is told that keeps touch with humanity’s roots; the values and wisdom of the ancestors. Study of the runes is fascinating, as it brings clarity, depth, power and wisdom into the present moment. Each rune calls to a principle, law, force or an energy in the universe. The meaning of the rune becomes a study of high Self. Movement is created in the direction of the type of internal knowledge that shapes destiny:

“Only when we know our solitude to be different from our loneliness can we be whole enough to honor another’s place.” (-Inguz Rune)

What is held most valuable? The most valued is to understand “meaning of life:” Enlightenment, satisfaction, ultimate Truth. Similar to I-Ching study of divination and prophecy, the runes are an early form of psychology focused on introspection, contemplation and meditation, along with a connection to the mystical in all things. One of the runes is Inguz.

"Literally seed or The god, Ing (esoteric, process, space). Ing is action in the actual process of activity. Rune is isolation or separation in order to create a space or place where the process of transformation into higher states of being can occur … gestation and internal growth. Hidden within the wisdom of Inguz is the activation of one’s inner child.”

These teachings are fascinating to consider relative to creation of life, from the perspective of Psi (internal growth, personal development, the power of suggestion and inner child wholeness), with every instance of its constant value a direct inference in nature (elements blended together that lead to survival). The ascension process is only able to occur with reclamation of soul, through Psi: Proper development and nurturing gifts one with completeness and restoration of personal power.

Gateway of Eternal Expression. True creative purpose is achieved through allowing, by willingness to be a symbol of life, as soul of a Divine being. There are associative metaphysical properties, such as a very spiritual energetic vibration and a resonance with the highest chakras that bring a spiritual light into the body. This type of light is clear and luminous with accompanying spiritual cleaning and healing benefits due to is self-reflective nature: “Learn from the past, but never let it determine your future or goals.”

Referred to as the Path to Personal Christhood, through understanding the rays of light within the soul, it is a process of God’s Will gaining balance with wisdom, love purity, vision, service and freedom. In parallel, from the perspective of alchemy, it leads a spiritual practitioner to infinite potential and divine creativity, as expressed by the culmination of the four elements – earth fire, air, water. Once harmonized, one is divinely authorized to communicate a larger-than-life language to those who would choose to hear the principles of higher understanding.

“It is about diving within to meet the soul and accepting who you are right now, while seeing what you can become.”

Endurance, patience and tenacity for best interests are necessary traits to travel the twists and turns on this channel of light. Walked with an honorable heart, the birthing of true wisdom is the sacred awareness that action reflects in reality. The process itself is considered to be the pushing out of a new opening to higher wisdom. Symbolic of a doorway, it is the successful return key for the soul’s journey home.

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