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Symbolism of Mermaids in Dreams

Mermaids have always been the subject of stories, legends, paintings, and songs. These mythical creatures may appear in your dreams every now and then: either you meet with a mermaid or you are one of them. Whatever the case may be, these creatures find their origin in folklore and mythology. Therefore, the symbolism we usually associate with them is deeply rooted in the human psyche and the subconscious mind. Here are a few possible interpretations for a mermaid dream.

The first and most obvious symbolism of mermaids is femininity. This is due to their connection with water, a natural element that is generally seen as a feminine one and therefore correlated with emotion and intuition. Regardless of your gender, dreaming about mermaids may be telling you something about your feminine side. If you experienced joy and freedom in your dream, it means that you’re happy with the fact that you’re getting in touch with your feminine side. But if the mermaid scared you and/or made you feel uneasy and uncomfortable, then this could mean that you’re afraid of being overwhelmed by your feminine side.

The second interpretation of a mermaid dream relies on the fact that these creatures are hybrids. Half human and half fish, dreaming about a mermaid is a reminder that there are more sides to any person. Human-beings are complex, having various interests and personality traits, and as such they themselves are some sort of “hybrid.” A mermaid dream may be telling you that you’re focusing too much on one side of your soul, of your nature. For example, you may be a mother who is investing too much time in playing this role or, on the contrary, you could be a workaholic who hasn’t taken time to relax in a long while.

As mentioned above, water is an element associated with femininity. It is a primal symbol of emotion. If your dream involves fighting against a mermaid or being taken into the depths of the sea by such a creature, this could be a sign that your emotions are overwhelming you. Also, you may be going through a hard time, trying to overcome a strong emotional state such as depression or despair. This could be a sign that you should seek help and support.

The third and last interpretation is correlated with transformation, a frequent symbolism linked to mermaids. Mermaids are half human, half fish, a transformation going from the state of human-being to an aquatic creature. Just like in stories and legends, they look like any normal person when they’re out of the water, but under the surface of the water their legs magically turn into a tail and their skin is covered by scales. Dreaming about mermaids may indicate that you are undergoing a major transformational experience, a change which surely is very emotional for you.

Next time a mermaid appears in your dreams, think about what is currently going on in your life and choose the appropriate interpretation for your dream.

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