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SyFy to make Kelly Armstrong's book 'Bitten' into a television show

SyFy to make Kelly Armstrong's book 'Bitten' made into a television show
SyFy to make Kelly Armstrong's book 'Bitten' made into a television show

Kelly Armstrong, a Canadian writer is yet another author that is going to see their popular paranormal book be made into a television series. Like other writers including Melissa dela Cruz (author of "Witches of East End" on Lifetime) and Charlaine Harris ( her Southern Vampire series was made into HBO's hit show "True Blood"), "Bitten" will premiere on Jan. 13 on SyFy.

"Bitten" will premiere after already established shows, "Lost Girl" and "Being Human" in the 10:00 pm EST time slot on Mondays.

"Bitten" was a 2001 in the Women of the Otherworld series which includes over 13 books including witches, ghosts, necromancers, demon, psychic and of course the werewolf in "Bitten".

Here is SyFy's official synopsis:

Based on the New York Times best-selling Women of the Otherworld novels by Kelley Armstrong, Bitten is an emotionally charged supernatural thriller starring Laura Vandervoort (Smallville, Ted) as Elena Michaels, the lone female werewolf in existence. Desperate to escape both a world she never wanted to be part of and the man who turned her into a werewolf, Elena has abandoned her pack and taken refuge in a new city. There, she works as a photographer and hides her werewolf existence from her new boyfriend. When bodies start turning up in her pack’s backyard, Elena finds herself back at Stonehaven, the werewolves’ ancestral domain. Torn between two worlds and two loves, she quickly realizes that – when push comes to shove – she’ll stop at nothing to defend her pack.

So, television have had hit shows with vampires and zombies such as "The Vampire Diaries", "True Blood" and " The Walking Dead" and are trying to duplicate this success with witches in regards to " American Horror Story:Coven" and "Witches of East End", but how will werewolves do? They are usually secondary characters in these shows. Can they hold their own with their own show?

If you would like to learn more about "Bitten" the book please visit Ms. Armstrong's website here.

To learn more about "Bitten" the television show please visit here.

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